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poor people and minorities are to blame for the economic meltdown. Ghetto denizens trying to buy a house forced financial wizards to create opaque mortgage-based securities that they leveraged a hundred times over, in much the same way that workers asking for higher wages, generous benefits, and reasonable job security forced US automakers to move part of their operations overseas and undercut the very class of workers who were the most loyal customers for their products. Now both need a bailout after this vicious assault by the non-rich.

Luckily the non-rich, despite their vast power, have not been able to exercise the same degree of control over the government, so a bailout is a real possibility.


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From an AAR job listing: “The University of South Florida is among the nation’s top 63 public research universities…”

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Illinois State Politics are Fun

Last week, Obama intervened into an Illinois controversy. The legislature passed an ethics bill, but Gov. Blagojevich deployed his “amendatory veto” in such a way as to gut the bill. The legislature has only a certain amount of time to attempt to override a veto, and Senate President Emil Jones, Blagojevich’s closest (and apparently only) ally, appeared to be gaming the system to make sure the senate wouldn’t be able to convene in time. Obama called Jones, his “political mentor,” to tell him to stop. Jones agreed to have the senate meet in a timely fashion.

In response, Blagojevich claimed that Obama was playing into Republican hands by opposing Blagojevich’s edits to the bill and was doing a huge favor to the McCain campaign. For those of you inclined to give a Democratic governor the benefit of the doubt, let me assure you: this claim makes absolutely no fucking sense. In fact, I literally cannot imagine what Blagojevich was thinking when he said it — perhaps that’s something we can ponder in comments.

Now this morning we find that the McCain campaign has announced an ad attacking Obama for his Illinois connections, including his close association with William Daley (brother of Mayor Daley), Tony Rezko, Emil Jones, and… Rod Blagojevich.

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