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From an AAR job listing: “The University of South Florida is among the nation’s top 63 public research universities…”

September 22, 2008 - Posted by | academia


  1. New Three Year Master’s in Collegiate Studies offers 33% more education than a Two Year!

    Comment by Jared Sinclair | September 22, 2008

  2. Mine is 104 out of 120, according to the Times. Hmm. I don’t think we’ll be using that in our promotional literature.

    Comment by infinite thought | September 22, 2008

  3. You’ll be really sorry that you shot down that job at USF in a few years when you’re freezing your ass off somewhere in hideous Maine.

    Comment by bitchphd | September 22, 2008

  4. What she said. I mean, it was good enough for Edison.

    Comment by rachel | September 22, 2008

  5. Florida weather may be nice, but Tampa is an unfriendly cultural wasteland.

    Comment by Will | September 22, 2008

  6. Boy, I’d take anywhere in Maine over south florida in a heartbeat. But I’m currently employed by the highest university in the states, and by this I mean elevation not intoxication. And I like it here okay so far, so my preferences may not mean much. And top 63… I don’t even know where we rank. But that must mean that they are in fact #63, right? If you’re going to use an ‘among’ construction, you should at least go for a nice round easy-to-remember number: “Among the nation’s top 69 public research universities.” Now we’re talking!

    Comment by Marichiweu | September 22, 2008

  7. As a graduate of this esteemed institution, my only reaction is to say that number seems astonishingly (and shockingly) high. Maybe you could luck out and wind up on the St. Petersburg campus, which is perhaps slightly less of a cultural wasteland than Tampa, but not by much (at least the setting is much more pleasant than Tampa, which campus is pretty depressing).

    Comment by Chris | September 22, 2008

  8. What’s so bad about Maine? Cheap lobster, plentiful meth, lots of summertime vacationers to rook.

    Comment by ben | September 22, 2008

  9. USF? There are worse places to teach.

    Comment by rachel | September 23, 2008

  10. I was not looking askance at the school itself — I just thought that sentence was funny. I’d totally apply, if only they weren’t looking for someone to do church history from the Reformation forward.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | September 23, 2008

  11. USF is my undergraduate alma mater. And I’m out of the religious studies department. Any questions, let me know. You will be right down the street from Bush Gardens, which in itself may be worth the move! No? Adventure Islands adjacent!

    Comment by kyle. | September 25, 2008

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