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For those who don’t have time to read political blogs, Yglesias is talking about virtually nothing but land-use policy and has lately adopted a really choppy and patronizing tone, Josh Marshall is obsessed with the fate of the newspaper industry, and Atrios wants there to be SUPERTRAINS. Meanwhile, Nate Silver is trying to get his predictive models for the 2010 Senate race just right and is sharing every detail of his thought process with us. On the right side of the aisle, Instapundit is pondering whether Obama will represent a third Bush term and continues to say a lot of things that I find to be really opaque.

Among literary and philosophical blogs, Ads Without Products is delighting in the fact that socialist sentiments are now possible to express in the public sphere. Wood S Lot has lately been doing a lot of posts that start with some kind of image, then alternate between images, poetry, links, and excerpts from various essays, mostly political. Infinite Thought remains the queen of both bizarre old-timey images and sarcasm. Owen Hatherley is writing a lot about architecture, Larval Subjects‘ posts are very long, and Voyou Desoeuvre‘s blog layout confuses me. Despite everything, Dominic Fox is not surprised.


December 8, 2008 - Posted by | observational humor, politics


  1. Being the change you want to see in the world, are we?

    Comment by ben | December 8, 2008

  2. There is a tradition on the British left of never being surprised by anything. Also, nothing is ever a coincidence – actually, even this statement is too weak. Better to say that everything that happens is no coincidence.

    Comment by Dominic | December 8, 2008

  3. The link for wood s lot goes to the weblog.

    Comment by ben | December 8, 2008

  4. I can’t pretend to be at all surprised by Dominic’s reaction.

    Comment by RobDP | December 8, 2008

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