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Tuesday Hatred

This is, I believe, the first subtitle-less Tuesday Hatred in living memory, and possibly the first subtitle-less weekly feature since the pre-TH. True fact: it was my post-titling practices that led to the adoption of such subtitles here. TRUE!

None of the above is relevant to this week’s hatreds, which are of such staggering variety and quality that I suspect you will all be quite emotionally worn out by the time you finish reading and, if you contribute, contributing. Many of the hatreds this week concern technology. I don’t mean to spend an excessive period on the preamble, but you might, if you harbor a special hatred for the cleverer and more manipulative of the works of man, take extra time to “limber up” prior to this stroll through the world of the tools of men.

I’ll start with one that’s fairly “relatable”, I hope. My phone, as do many, includes among the information it displays on its screen a little meter indicating the pattery [stet][1] life remaining to it. What a useful feature! Except in fact it’s completely useless, since it will indicate full or full-less-one status continuously until, suddenly, it is empty or empty-plus-one, with seemingly no transition between the extrema (or if one should catch it in its middle state, one can reduce it almost to nothingness by the simple expedient of actually making a phone call). It’s similar to my car’s gas meter, actually, which remains optimistically high for the first hundred miles before beginning to drop precipitously. I mind this less, because gas stations are plentiful while one drives, while one is infrequently able to stop wherever one is to charge one’s phone. Let’s be clear: I hate this misfeature of my phone. I understand that it’s to be found generally. Hateful.

Here’s something else worth hating on, perhaps a little more abstruse: if you rename a file under revision control using subversion, this is implemented as first adding a copy of the file in the new location, then deleting it from its old location. Hey—here’s an idea—why not treat it as moving the fucking file? Then when you commit the change you wouldn’t have to do so by uploading an entirely new copy of it, but could instead communicate to the central repository that file such-and-such has, you know, been moved. Likewise when updating a different non-central repository one wouldn’t need to download the whole damn thing again, if all that differs is the location. And the revision history would be maintained. People do rename files, after all.

I hate that I regularly receive emails from Steve Madden or his agents soliciting my custom as a purchaser of shoes and boots. Everyone one of them warns me that it’s my last! chance!!, and yet I’ve been getting them for weeks and weeks. I hate the feeling, not quite of hunger though it does manifest itself in part as a feeling of stomachic emptiness, which sometimes overcomes one and makes concentration difficult. One can tell that it is not hunger since food does not assuage it. I hate that many of my regular IM correspondents have been offline more and more lately. I hate the construction on Valencia (though I suppose I will be glad regarding its effects when it’s finished), and I hate that I managed to miss, owing to social engagements in two cases and being at a different concert in another, all of John Butcher’s concerts in Oakland and SF last week. Though I suppose I shouldn’t hate having had social engagements at all. I hate how pleased I feel when a musician at a concert recognizes me from a previous concert I’ve attended.

I hate that Routledge didn’t preserve the pagination of the original edition when they reissued as a Classic The Phenomenology of Perception. All the citations in the literature (at least the literature prior to the reissue; the Cambridge Companion cites three page numbers: the French, the original issue of the translation, and the repaginated reissue) are, considered as indices into the edition most easily got hold of, increasingly inaccurate as the book goes on (what was once p 145 has become p 166; what was once p 265, p 309). One wonders who exactly Routledge thought the audience for this not exactly untechnical book would be, and what its purchasers would do with it. I hate also that the citations to within PP to M-P’s earlier book are given only to La Structure du Comportement and not additionally to The Structure of Behavior, which in fairness may not have been published when The Phenomenology of Perception was first translated but listen, if you’re reissuing the book and repaginating it anyway, why not make this small revision too, which would actually be useful to those without French (especially since those with French would surely read Phénomènologie de la perception)?

It is amusing to contrast the selected secondary sources of the SEP article on M-P and the contributorship of the Cambridge Companion to M-P.

[1] A phonological typo?


October 20, 2009 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. i remember i hated the postless TH, the subtitleless seems okay
    i hate the heating system in the aparto it’s either cold in the evening or stuffy at around 6-7am and i wake up with a headache due to hypoxia i guess
    how great it must be if one’s job description is to get writing encyclopedia articles or contributing otherwise
    wikipedia i’ve tried once to contribute and found my contribution erased the next time i opened the page, i hated that and never tried again

    Comment by read | October 20, 2009

  2. I hate it when sports delay my TV shows and my DVR is not alerted to the change, leaving me with nothing but the first 20 minutes of House, for example.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | October 20, 2009

  3. I hate opened closet doors. I also hate when shirt sleeves protrude from the crack of a closed closet door.

    Comment by Jon | October 20, 2009

  4. I hate it when I forget to bring a pen with me.

    Comment by ben | October 20, 2009

  5. 2: Oh, I was hating on that too last night! Stupid baseball.

    Comment by Di Kotimy | October 20, 2009

  6. i hated yesterday that i haven’t noticed i was not paid my regular salary in september, thought maybe my travel expenses or at&t charged me many times high amounts
    but luckily our financial analyst noticed the mistake and alerted me, then i checked my paystub to find that it said the monthly pay is for one occasion 0 and for the second like hundreds lower than regularly, must be was a computer mistake, hopefully it’s refundable, i thought when alerted perhaps it were some yearly deductions or what, but the deductions looked the same, so i would hate more if it really was some deductions

    Comment by read | October 20, 2009

  7. I hate mental and emotional exhaustion, which I always construe as physical exhaustion.

    I hate not having a small “fall break” so that we can have a long ass Christmas break and a longish Thanksgiving break.

    In fact, I’m starting to hate the entire semester system. I’d like to experience a quarter or trimester system.

    I hate consistently having arguments in class met with circular asshat logic and/or platitudes. I hate stifling academic environments in general. I hate niceness, and most of the time, I also hate being an asshole.

    Comment by dave | October 20, 2009

  8. quiet is here
    what to hate about niceness, if it’s not fake
    if it’s sincere, then it should be just like unnoticeable maybe

    Comment by read | October 21, 2009

  9. I hate cancer.

    Comment by jms | October 21, 2009

  10. Embarrassingly, when writing comment 9, I initially typed out “canswer.” I hate those ads.

    Comment by jms | October 21, 2009

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