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Which blog has more completely outlived its mandate: The Weblog or Unfogged?


November 11, 2009 - Posted by | boredom


  1. i don’t know FB doesn’t want my updates
    i like my new GI style laundry bag, looks neat and jyoubu, wanted to buy a laundry basket then thought that the springs will come out eventually and be a source of frustration

    Comment by read | November 11, 2009

  2. I would count read(1) as one vote for the Weblog.

    Comment by jms | November 11, 2009

  3. The problem is that it’s not clear where I should start hanging out if all the blogs have outlived their mandates. I told my adviser I’d start writing some of the easier parts of my thesis a couple weeks ago; I sure hope it doesn’t come to my actually having to do that. Perhaps I’ll have to start learning to read Italian. But what good will Italian do me? I believe I’ve already confessed here that I’m not bright enough to get what Fellini’s films are all about.

    Comment by transportinburma | November 11, 2009

  4. ooh, thank you, Jms, it’s so nice to know that you are welcome here:), here i enjoy TH and FCs b/c my comments could be all then about me, if i’d do the same somewhere else it would, i think, just frustrate people, i’m not much interested in politics and other serious stuff it seems, though if people are interested i too of course have some thoughts on all things current
    but i skim U sometimes and use its comments window to comment elsewhere, it’s convenient with html, but comments i don’t follow anymore and i’m not compelled anymore to participate
    i post regularly at FB though where many people on my friends list are from U, so, life is combination

    Comment by read | November 11, 2009

  5. I’m not familiar enough with Weblog Classic to know what its mandate was. What was Unfogged’s mandate? To be a blog by Unf and Ogged? Because the horse left that barn a while ago.

    I’m uncertain what FB stands for.

    Comment by stras | November 12, 2009

  6. Facebook.

    Unfogged continued fulfilling its mandate even after Unf left, I think, because of the contributions of Fontana Labs.

    I’m still pining for The H Is O, myself.

    Comment by ben | November 12, 2009

  7. It took me a while to identify unfogged’s mandate.

    Comment by parsimon | November 13, 2009

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