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It’s Always Sunny on Capitol Hill!

On the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the “Gang” goes through one petty scheme after another. What makes the show so amusing isn’t only that their schemes are so detached from anything recognizable as reality, but that their schemes are so weirdly disinterested — they’re scheming solely for the sake of scheming. I think that something similar is at work among centrist senators. The real goal of holding up the negotiations, making random “moderate” demands, etc., is simply to have an important, king-making role — in short, it’s scheming for its own sake. Even the oft-cited baseline goal of remaining electable is something of a ruse, since incumbent senators usually have a lot of leeway (see Joe Lieberman, from the liberal state of Connecticut). The schemes aren’t aimed at reelection — rather, reelection is aimed at the continued ability to scheme.

This is really the only possible explanation, because it’s painfully clear that they have no principles or values that they’re trying to advance. It’s a difficult conclusion to bear, since it means that our fate is essentially being determined by sociopaths, but I think we sensed that all along anyway.


November 22, 2009 - Posted by | politics, squalor, television

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