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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Not prewritten

I confess that I did not prewrite this confessional, thus depriving my readers of the shortly after midnight posting time to which they are accustomed. I confess that I sent a text to my friend Mike yesterday asking if he wanted to go to Kuma’s today, hoping to time it perfectly so that he would be the most overstuffed possible and unable to think of further gluttony; he did not respond.

I confess that I am apparently the only person alive who still writes down all his transactions in a check register, according to The Girlfriend. I confess that last night I met someone who had met January Jones on a cruise and “befriended her.”


November 27, 2009 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess I was to confess about the dermabrasive clothes I’ve been using lately and liking, hope the skin will be smoother not that scaly than usually this time of the year, it’s b/c I can’t overcome my dislike of the oily fragrant body lotions
    but then I thought it’s a movie thread after all, shouldn’t derail it from the beginning

    Comment by read | November 27, 2009

  2. I confess that I also keep track of our transactions in a check register and am quite particular that it always balances to the penny. If it doesn’t balance exactly what’s the point of doing it?

    Comment by Jon | November 27, 2009

  3. Once when I was in college, I went through a year’s worth of bank statements to reconcile an error of like three cents.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 27, 2009

  4. My wife used to be responsible for keeping up the checkbook until one fateful day when there was a discrepancy. I remember it being very minute, but enough to send me looking through the last year’s statements. I never did find the error but thankfully we moved and got to start over at a new bank. To save my wife from this compulsive behavior I keep the checkbook now.

    Comment by Jon | November 27, 2009

  5. -e

    Comment by read | November 27, 2009

  6. I confess that not only have I never balanced my checkbook, I don’t even look at my statements when they come in. I confess I excuse my neglect by telling myself that if the bank were to make an error, or even to deliberately steal my money from me and falsify my statements, it’s not like I’d be able to do anything about it, so why even bother.

    I confess that the jelly I spent most of yesterday making has failed to set. I confess that the prospect of fixing the jelly daunts me.

    I confess I dislike having dinner with my extended family. I confess that when I first met my cousins I made considerable efforts to talk to them in their native tongue, because they didn’t speak English and even though my Korean is not that great. I confess my attempts to be friendly were not reciprocated. I confess that after many years I gave up, and even though they’re nicer now than they were and speak English even, I am disinclined to put forth any effort, and have pretty much set up a policy of ignoring them entirely. I confess I ate my dinner in the kitchen yesterday in order to avoid them.

    Comment by jms | November 27, 2009

  7. I confess that The Girlfriend and I are actually going to Kuma’s with Mike shortly.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | November 27, 2009

  8. Unset jelly can often be redescribed profitably as a conserve or fruit in syrup or the like and used on pancakes, in yogurt, etc. It will still taste good. What kind of jelly?

    I confess that I throw out the vast majority of mail from my bank without having even opened the envelope. I confess that I can never get any work done when I’m at home, and that I’ve been stressed out this entire week. I confess, though, that my tart (described here though I used three rather than four pears) turned out great, and that my month-old nephew is pretty cute. I confess that I need more bookshelves and that practically the only furniture in my room is bookshelves.

    Comment by ben | November 27, 2009

  9. It’s guava jelly. I’m going to try to re-set it rather than repurpose it, because there’s no way I’m going to eat or give away a dozen jars of guava syrup.

    I confess I’m listening to Faye Wong covers of Tori Amos and Karyn White and cleaning my house. I confess I’m having a pretty good time.

    Comment by jms | November 27, 2009

  10. That’s a lot of jars.

    Comment by ben | November 27, 2009

  11. I confess that the neighbor up above’s bathroom plumbing leaked into my ceiling, so that said ceiling must now be torn out and replaced. In addition to this, there’s some rank-ass black shit coming up from the bathroom sink whenever I run water in the kitchen.

    Make it stop.

    Comment by Matthew | November 27, 2009

  12. I confess that I liked Thanksgiving was better when it was centered around friends. I had a good run — from 1992 to 2006 I had only a handful of family Thanksgivings, and even those incorporated a goodly number of friends. Now that I live in the same town as my in-laws it’s pretty nearly impossible.

    I confess I am probably not sufficiently thankful for my family, whose good points clearly outweigh their bad.

    Comment by K-sky | November 28, 2009

  13. I confess that Thanksgiving without family would be a relief. I confess that spending last Christmas with friends rather than family was intensely good.

    Comment by Di Kotimy | November 28, 2009

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