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Tuesday Hatred: Ennui, Animal Style

When, traveling down a highway whose width is two lanes in each direction, one truck slowly pulls out of the right-hand lane into the left, in order to overtake the truck in front of it, and, like a youth rendered by his glands both more ponderous and more aggressive than his peers impetuously shouldering his way into a line, thereby sending ripples of backward, resentful steps among those in the disturbed line all the way to its end, lengthening it and slowing its progress, so that even after he decides that he is not interested in what awaits those at the head of the line, and so departs from it (for he entered it with no particular purpose or thought), the effects of his entry are still felt in the disorder he has wrought in the line, makes all the cars behind it slow down to the snail-like pace of 60 mph, even though they are in what is called, with increasingly little cause, the “fast lane”, this is hateful. It is all the more hateful when it happens several times in a row.

I hate last week’s dismal participation. What, were you all filled with HOLIDAY CHEER, or some such claptrap as that? I don’t believe it—not for an instant—I think you were just trying to make me feel bad. Well it worked. Meany-pantses.

I hate my non-toothsome kasha.

December 1, 2009 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate that I got into a ridiculously childish argument with a relative on Thanksgiving. I hate how predictable this was. I hate that the argument was not even with either of my parents, who are a lot more inflammatory politics-wise, but with my brother, who’s comparatively clownish and fun. I hate being thirty-one and feeling like a little kid.

    I hate that I’m probably getting sick.

    I hate the wars, the president and Congress, and global warming deniers.

    Comment by stras | December 1, 2009

  2. i hate I already burnt my new teakettle’s handle, should have kept it upright at all times, it was on its side it seems, burnt on white looks ugly
    I hated I did not know someone left me a message in October and hate it even more when got an immediate reply upon my reply
    saying that one is interested in Japanese, maybe shouldn’t mention my language proficiencies

    Comment by read | December 1, 2009

  3. I also hate whoever it is that writes the headlines for the BBC’s news site. I mean, come on. “Afghans ‘blame poverty for war’?” Why are those scare quotes there? Are actual people from Afghanistan actually attributing the war to poverty? Then you don’t need those scare quotes. It is actually a thing that happened! Fucking illiterate Brits.

    Comment by stras | December 1, 2009

  4. I hate that Mininova is basically shut down. I hate it when EZTV isn’t available. I hate watching TV shows on my computer.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | December 1, 2009

  5. I hate the staggering number of library books that are due by jan 4 which I can’t renew online.

    Comment by ben | December 1, 2009

  6. Oh, and now I can’t even find one of them. Beautiful.

    Comment by ben | December 1, 2009

  7. UPDATE: it was with all the other library books.

    Comment by ben | December 1, 2009

  8. I hate that my bike was stolen while I was home for thanksgiving.

    Comment by ben | December 1, 2009

  9. i hate i got the fb update correctly, i hoped it could be otherwise
    this thursday is a lucky day of this month maybe you’ll find it back or something else nice will happen to you

    Comment by read | December 1, 2009

  10. I hate my lower back, at least these past few weeks.

    Comment by Craig | December 1, 2009

  11. In general, I hate the drivers on California’s highways. I’ve thousands of miles of highway throughout the US, and I’ve never seen such wanton abuse of the “fast lane.” Coming back from Vegas this weekend, a good 75% of the traffic was in the left lane. It was absolutely bizarre.

    Comment by Brad Johnson | December 1, 2009

  12. I hate when drivers don’t look both ways before pulling into crosswalks. Pedestrians exist!

    Comment by transportinburma | December 2, 2009

  13. i don’t hate my new navy blue winter coat, not too warm or thin, or with too many decorative elements, if i can i’ll rip off its fur embroidery on the capushon, it’s a nice break from everything brown i tend to chose and the fact that it costs 19.99

    Comment by read | December 2, 2009

  14. +o

    Comment by read | December 2, 2009

  15. For crying out loud, now my jelly is too hard. Don’t be dirty you dirty people, I overpectinated my underjelled guava jelly and now it’s probably beyond salvage. GODDAMNIT, I HATE JELLY. No really, I walked into Trader Joe’s today and when I passed the jelly display my heart clenched. IN HATE.

    Comment by jms | December 2, 2009

  16. I join jms in hating jelly. I much prefer preserves. Jam is good too, though.

    Comment by transportinburma | December 2, 2009

  17. I hate organizing my shit for 7 different graduate programs. I hate that I want to Staples Easy button for grad school applications, especially the easy button that will allow a former professor from overseas to be able to submit a letter of recommendation online. I hate schools that make the letter of recommendation process harder than it needs to be. I hate that deadlines are interfering with the end of the semester (save Duquesne and Villanova, who thankfully don’t require everything until Feb 1st; I suppose I’m not hating either of those schools, but that’s not for this thread).

    Comment by dave | December 3, 2009

  18. A day early, I confess ignorance when it comes to the difference between jams and jellies.

    Comment by stras | December 3, 2009

  19. a day earlier, i confess to the photos exchange
    cz the person confessed to insensitiveness regarding nationalities and race, will see how about crooked jaws, lazy eyes and other beauty criteria

    Comment by read | December 3, 2009

  20. Jelly is clear (or optimally clear) and doesn’t contain any pieces of fruit; you make it by getting a bunch of juice out of the fruit and then processing it. E.g., for apples you’d cut them up, simmer them in water for a bit, strain it out and then use the liquid to make jelly. The apple bits you can do something else with. Jams have fruit in.

    Comment by ben | December 3, 2009

  21. i always thought the main difference was jellies have gelatin in them and can stand by itself, while jams are shapeless and semi-liquid
    i recalled i used to make kisel when i was young

    Comment by read | December 3, 2009

  22. themselves, this need to coordinate plurals in pronouns and verbs can be like that, overwhelming
    the connections should have grown already in the brain by this time i suppose

    Comment by read | December 3, 2009

  23. I hate Tom Coburn. I hate both senators from OK, really, but right now I hate Tom Coburn more.

    Comment by transportinburma | December 3, 2009

  24. “Jellies” referring to the things with gelatin in them is British English.

    Comment by redfoxtailshrub | December 4, 2009

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