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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Lateness

I confess that staying at The Girlfriend’s place has thrown off my blogging schedule, resulting in later and later confessionals. I confess that I’m getting sad that we won’t be able to spend Christmas together, and even more sad that my sojourn here will end the week after. It’s gone well.

I confess that I’ve made great progress on my translation the last few weeks, finishing a full draft and tracking down a good chunk of the quotations I need. I confess that now I can tinker with it endlessly without really doing anything concrete, meaning that in a weird way, the translation has become procrastination from itself.

I confess that I’m gearing up for a depressing Christmas, as I appear to have used up all the good fortune allotted to my family for this year.


December 18, 2009 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess the New Year’s resolutions I’d like to make (finish thesis, learn Spanish, learn guitar) all feel like I’ve considered them broken in my mind before the New Year even starts. Of course, if I get the job I applied for (with a resume stating I planned to finish my thesis in the summer) I may have some added motivation on the first one.

    Curious. Would being able to finish songs on Hard or Expert on Rock Band qualify as the equivalent of learning to play the guitar?

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | December 18, 2009

  2. i confess my New year is going to be okay b/c my sister will come to visit me
    i confess i was tempted to join her CA travel, but a) i’ve been there already twice, LA, LV, GC b) my work schedule won’t permit me traveling this time of the year
    i confess i seem hate busy fridays more than busy thursdays, though postponed some work to Friday to alleviate Thursday’s overload

    Comment by read | December 18, 2009

  3. the shortest confessions ever maybe
    maa, not everyday something happens. i confess i’ve been enjoying madmen until one episode after which i think to suspend further viewings

    Comment by read | December 18, 2009

  4. I confess that I’ve been drinking. I confess that I spent nearly $150 on a coat yesterday.

    Comment by transportinburma | December 19, 2009

  5. I confess that, as of season one episode ten, Mad Men may have replaced Dexter as my favorite drama. I confess that I think Don Draper is a hard ass.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | December 19, 2009

  6. I confess to feeling like an ultra-conduit through which a set amount of Capital flows each month. I need to build a dam, or add jello mixture, or something…

    Comment by Amish Lovelock | December 19, 2009

  7. I confess that I want a break.

    I confess that I am ridiculously happy for Adam and his girlfriend, despite that the fact that I’ve never met either of them.

    I confess that ‘procrastination from itself’ is an extremely apt and refined way of describing a very real process.

    I confess that I feel very guilty about throwing the last three bananas away before I leave for India.

    Comment by infinite thought | December 20, 2009

  8. I confess I’m just a tad less excited about hosting a “health care reform cloture” party than I was, say, six months ago–at this point I might just pour myself a drink and nod sagely.

    I confess to absolutely loving my new coat–sometimes there is good reason for walking around looking like a polar explorer.

    Matt in Toledo–no, not a chance. All the people I know with guitar skills suggest they’re, if anything, a hindrance to Rock Band proficiency–it’s just a completely different skill set. On the other hand, people with drumming knowledge tend to be really really good at Rock Band drumming. Do that on expert for awhile and you’re likely ready to take some lessons.

    Comment by Michael Schaefer | December 21, 2009

  9. Michael Schaefer – Dammit! That would have been a nice way to allow myself some screwoff time while still reaching for my ambitious goals of 2010.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | December 21, 2009

  10. I confess that I plan to overeat as much as possible tonight, in order to clean out my refrigerator before vacation without throwing food away.

    Comment by Rebekah | December 21, 2009

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