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Tuesday Hatred: Second verse, same as the first

Unless I am badly mistaken, this Tuesday, this present day, is the last Tuesday—though not the last day—of this year. What hatreds will next Tuesday herald, if, that is (to traduce Cavafy), we will talk about things like that next year, if we’ll bother about them anymore, when we’re shut of this year and a new one, less a few days, stretches out before us, full of possibility like a carcass of maggots, each one awaiting its metamorphosis and chance to take wing? I would be surprised if it were anything very different from what’s come before.

I myself recently had cause to experience hatred regarding something very familiar to me, although I don’t think I’ve noted it in this space yet; that was the frequency with which I misplace my nail clippers and am unable to find them when I want them, to clip my nails, only to find them again at some later point when I no longer want to clip my nails (having lowered myself to tearing brutishly at them). Naturally when they’re relocated I move them to a place where they’ll be handier, or so I think, the next time; only sometimes are they actually. (In this case I found them quite soon and so I almost felt that it would be inappropriate to make them the topic of my hatred, but I consider this more than justified by the number of other occasions on which the devils have eluded me.)

Too, I hate it when the very passage one wishes to consult in a book one hasn’t got with one is among those not viewable on google books. It is very inconvenient. Sometimes one can use a devious trick to get around this, exploiting the fact that what google blocks from online viewing and what amazon blocks from online viewing are often not the same, no, not the same at all. But in this case the book whose occult contents I wished to view was not viewable at all on amazon. It’s also out of print, I believe—which is another thing one ought to find hateful, that this one does find hateful, as it’s a fine volume that’s had less than its fair share of influence, I suspect.

The other day I was using facebook for no very productive end (how hateful are these modern engines of distraction) and I “clicked” on the “icon” of someone whom I haven’t seen in a long time, an acquaintance from my undergraduate years, whom I generally picture sitting in a mildly slovenly dorm room with his mildly slovenly friend, being tall and whatnot. He appears to have gone from success to success after graduation, in business, romance, and postgraduate education. What, contrariwise, have I made of myself? Nothing! It’s all the worse with people one knows only glancingly; others whom I know better who have also made good, I know also not to be free from woes of their own, but it’s all too easy to imagine that the hazily-seen have only good fortune. The assholes.

Additionally, I hate the soapy water glasses in this cafe, and being just-friendsed (and not in the good buttsex way).


December 29, 2009 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate the same thing with regard to Google Books and had much occasion to experience it working on my translation. I find that they will often exclude one or two pages in the middle of a large excerpt, just to keep their laboriously constructed research tool from being too useful.

    I hate applying for jobs when I feel as though I will not get a single one, even if the job listing seems custom-tailored for me. That’s because apparently no one will ever get a job again.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | December 29, 2009

  2. the nail clippers are a very important tool to improve the mood, so i keep them behind the bathroom mirror
    but biting or breaking the nails is hateful, yes
    yesterday i’ve had two very helpful tips/’revelations’ regarding how to overcome jealousy and comparison, one was reading RM’s From diaries, i’ve read it in Russian, so am not sure about the exact wording, so there was a line – nischii palomnik v khaose butiya (a destitute pilgrim through or in the chaos of existence), and i thought i can relate and that made me like happy
    another one was the Chinese food cookie that said you like the lights on the others, and i was like, yeah, that’s me
    maa, maybe it’s that, loser’s mentality or something, just helps to live without bile
    my new year resolution would be try to quit fb updates like once a day, a week, than month, then checking others’ statuses the same way, though i was supposed to quit pretty many things by last September
    so i hate that i don’t have much power over my wills and intentions, will try to exercise it more

    Comment by read | December 29, 2009

  3. I hate that I’ll probably have to get my hair cut for an upcoming job prospect, only if I get it, but I’m learning to take no pride in my appearance, so perhaps I won’t care by that time.

    Comment by currence | December 29, 2009

  4. than=>then, today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are good days for haircuts, one will become happy, rich and auspicious according to our go-go zurkhai
    so you can choose to be what, happy or rich
    go-go means nice, great, fine, beautiful in our baby language, if people wondered, it’s not English go-go

    Comment by read | December 29, 2009

  5. “The Squeakquel.”

    Comment by jms | December 29, 2009

  6. I hate the internet food association.

    Comment by ben | December 29, 2009

  7. i cut my front bob a little, it was getting too long so expect to get some positive response to my grant and fellowships applications

    Comment by read | December 30, 2009

  8. I hate my apparent holiday weight gain, which predictably is more notable this year than any preceding.

    I hate “Poca Cosa” in downtown Tucson, which though it serves very tasty food, serves altogether too much of it, causing Mrs. K and me to go home both stuffed to the point of pain and waste an enormous portion. It didn’t help matters that their menu is written on one chalkboard that circulates the dining room, and the waiter makes the point that the chef will not suffer any alterations to her menu. Are you afraid that the provincials will ask to sub A-1 for your mole?

    Comment by K-sky | December 30, 2009

  9. I hate it when my opponent goes elsewhere in the midst of an especially intense chess game.

    Comment by ben | December 30, 2009

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