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It’s clear now that every half-assed attempt at a terrorist attack will cause the TSA to come up with some tangentially-related “security” measure that will make us even more miserable whenever we have the misfortune of travelling by air. That’s why I think someone needs to take a hit for the team and attempt an attack in the security line itself — then the long security lines will themselves be seen as a danger, and they will be forced to streamline the process. Or else it will create a paradox that will short-circuit the TSA, causing it to blow up.


December 31, 2009 - Posted by | politics


  1. I was just disappointed that no recorded voice at LAX updated me as to the current color of security, surely it can’t still be orange after all this? I was hoping to hear about a red alert so I could feel safe that the forcefield shields were activated.

    Comment by ebolden | December 31, 2009

  2. Counter-terrorist short circuit: more, faster trains.

    Comment by Anthony Paul Smith | December 31, 2009

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