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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Sheridan

I confess that I am mildly obsessed with maps. It seems to have begun when I moved to Chicago and, after getting lost one too many times, decided that I would study maps of the city so that I would always know where I was. Chicago is very well-suited for such a pursuit because it is so systematically laid-out, at least in the inland area — aside from the diagonal streets, it’s all a grid.

The Girlfriend, however, lives near the lake, which is a completely different story. After a few weeks of visiting her (and therefore having her place always be the point of departure for wherever we went), I began to feel pretty confident about the configuration of the various streets, including the strange interweaving of Sheridan and Broadway. Something began to bother me, however: namely, Inner Lake Shore Drive. In some areas, the local service road closest to the lake is named something different, for instance Cornell in the Hyde Park area or Columbus near the Loop. On the north end, the local is inexplicably called Marine Drive. Yet strangely, the cut-off for it is not where Sheridan veers off (3900N), but Irving Park (4000N). I confess that this bothers me, as does the fact that Sheridan runs four blocks between Diversey and Belmont and then disappears until 3900N — why can’t the local just be called Sheridan? And then return to being called Inner Lake Shore Drive once Sheridan makes its turn inland (or Marine Drive, if they insist)? And why on earth do I care?

I confess that I’ve taken to watching whatever reruns of Mad Men they have on demand simply to have something in the background, but they quickly become the foreground. I confess that Pete’s secretary is amazing.

I confess that all this time in Kalamazoo, I didn’t realize that there was a nice, full-service grocery store less than a mile from my apartment. It’s a co-op with tons of organic stuff, which helps my righteousness level — and as a bonus, on the way home I helped a guy who was having trouble getting his wheelchair across the railroad tracks. Then there were these kids in a burning building yelling for help, but I figured I had done enough good for the day and anyway I really needed to get back home.


January 29, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess I am often charmed when a blogger or commenter uses the term “lol” without irony. I can’t pull it off myself.

    I confess it’s so easy to fall in love, for five or more minutes at a time, with the employees at a sheet music store.

    Comment by jms | January 29, 2010

  2. I confess that, checking the CTA’s construction notices for the weekend, I saw that the Orange Line is going counter-clockwise around the Loop and felt very satisfied, because that is the only way to fill in a gap in the system that has always bothered me, because I’m insane: namely, that there’s no way to go directly from Clark/Lake to Washington/Wells. (You can take the Pink Line or Purple Line all the way around, but that sucks.)

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | January 29, 2010

  3. Incidentally, even though the various aldermen wanted the Pink Line to go to Clark/Lake first to preserve the easy transfer to the Blue Line, it would’ve been better if it’d gone to Washington/Wells first, because that would’ve let people coming into the Loop from the west side decide which direction they wanted to go around, just like you can choose between Orange and Green or between Brown and Purple on the other entrances to the Loop. As it stands, you’re going clockwise no matter what. How many people actually need or would use this capability? I have no idea, but it seems like a nice symmetry.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | January 29, 2010

  4. i read and can’t follow the description of the loop cz it sounds complicated
    i confess i was to go to a date this weekend but happened to read google news streamline and got disgusted with humanity again so can’t that, muster enough interest in meeting someone new for now, it’s like RM says in his diaries that one likes people when looks at them from his window in the snowy january night, but face to face one inevitably will get disappointed in them and vice versa
    i think all these criminal news should be put in some separate section which then i’ll never click on, or their titles shouldn’t be that like obvious to spoil someone’s day
    i confess i keep getting random responses from people, one person wrote that he decided to write me after reading my answer to the question ‘what would you be 25 years later’ or something like that – ‘reincarnated’ and i’ve found that creepy though the joke was mine
    the last one has a french name, i should delete the account so that to not have this dilemma, to go or not to meet new people

    Comment by read | January 29, 2010

  5. Jesus Adam, take a breath, shut it down.

    Comment by ebolden | January 29, 2010

  6. I confess that I had a peach bellini before breakfast this morning, at the opening of a mixed-use hotel project whose inception I helped shepherd some nine years ago. I further confess that in the din I heard it as a “peach milady” and texted two friends that I “didn’t know what was in a peach milady, but was pretty sure I hadn’t ever had one before 8:30 am before.”

    Comment by K-sky | January 29, 2010

  7. I confess that all bellinis are peach bellinis.

    Comment by ben | January 29, 2010

  8. But not all miladies are peach miladies.

    Comment by jms | January 29, 2010

  9. I confess that my everpresent guard against redundancy led me to rule out the possibility that I was being handed a “peach bellini.”

    Comment by K-sky | January 29, 2010

  10. I confess that okay so holy smokes: 2Pacalypse Now was released 19 years ago this year, in 1991. Nineteen years before 2Pacalypse Now, which was I thought like five minutes ago, was all super ancient shit by historical dead personages like Elvis Presley (“Burning Love”) and John Lennon (“War is Over”). OMG. Anyway this confession is just that wow I’m like really really old.

    Comment by jms | January 30, 2010

  11. I confess that on Tuesday I’m going to see a dentist for the first time since I lost my health coverage in 2002. I further confess that I’m terrified that he’s going to pull out everything in my mouth.

    Comment by stras | January 30, 2010

  12. I confess that the dentist probably is going to do just that.

    I confess that I had a dream in which I was Tycho from Penny Arcade and I was playing a graphically primitive computer game. Yes. That was my dream.

    Comment by ben | January 30, 2010

  13. Oh, Ben.

    I confess to having dreams that were quite possibly as lame.

    Comment by stras | January 30, 2010

  14. No doubt it was in large part brought on by having just played this.

    Comment by ben | January 30, 2010

  15. In fact I should confess that the other night I had a dream that Google had released a new feature that allowed people to put really annoying flash animations in gchat messages, and suddenly I was getting these really annoying flash things all the time, and suddenly I was at a hotel and being charged for wireless access at an exorbitant rate by the mob, who were then threatening to cut off my fingers every time I got a gchat,which I tried to lucid-dream my way out of by turning myself into a sort of lion-monster to eat the mobsters, only to find that my dream was fighting back by initiating World War Three and wiping out Providence in a nuclear holocaust, and then my teeth fell out.

    Comment by stras | January 31, 2010

  16. gog, again teeth falling out!
    listen to this and the dream will lose its bad qualities
    i say so b/c can’t let someone die due to your dream :)
    but seriously, as far as i counted you already dreamed teeth falling out at least three times, were there any casualties?
    i’m just curious

    Comment by read | January 31, 2010

  17. i confess there is a hole in the pocket of my newly bought winter coat again confirming that i should not buy coats for 20
    i remember at the macy’s in sf, the main square iirc, was looking out of the window to the square, nice enjoyablewindows there, and i saw a beautiful coat, brown and nothing excessive, with the great cut and fabric quality etc and was shocked to learn it’s price on the tag, $5 thousand! it’s like such a frivolous amount of money to spend for just a piece of clothing when millions starve etc
    and after that i’ve got a new trait, to suspect one’s humanity if i like an item of clothing on them

    Comment by read | January 31, 2010

  18. ^

    Comment by read | January 31, 2010

  19. I confess that I found this blog while keeping tabs on Kalamazoo College’s religion department (I graduated from there 2 years ago) while studying at Union Theological Seminary.

    That I always like Sawall’s Health Food Store better than the People’s Food Co-op in Kalamazoo

    That despite the confusingness of Chicago’s lakeside streets, at least their addresses are sensical, unlike New York’s which constantly frustrate me

    But that New York’s numbered grid makes much more sense, yet lack the character of a Damen, Woodlawn, or Paulina

    That I’ve never read Zizek, but feel like I should read “Zizek and Theology”

    And finally, 4th Coast Cafe is the best coffee shop in Kalamazoo (far superior to Water Street, in case their wiles had drawn you in).

    Comment by wymanjason | February 4, 2010

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