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Tuesday Hatred: Dismissive lip fart

I hate sitting next to idiotic undergraduates in a crowded cafe. Or rather: I hate being forced to overhear their ridiculous chatter. Do I envy their apparent complete lack of self-awareness and freedom of expression? No! On the contrary, I hate it in an extremely passive, bitchy manner (as you can see).

I hate Weezer’s new (ok, not that new) single, you know, the one concerning Slayer t-shirts. It wasn’t until long after I’d first heard it that I learned it was by Weezer; I thought, rather, that it was the work of a young, annoying, crappy band. But there was a time when Weezer was not crappy. (At least not that crappy—even the Weezer-haters can admit that, I’m sure. My intentions are irenic.)

I hate that I can’t seem to find asafœtida at my usual shopping locations. I hate being dissatisfied with the state of my midsection and my bank account. I hate the production of water in the eye as a result of exposure to the movement of air relative to my face when operating a bicycle. I hate distraction. I hate that while my valentine’s-day plans call for me to audit the Chicago Underground Duo (whose members live in New York and Brazil), they call for me do so—alone. O hideous fate!

I hate that I missed the entire (two week!) run run of A Town Called Panic in the SF bay area. From Jan. 22 to Feb. 4, at one theater each in SF and Berkeley—that was the extent of its presence. San Francisco and environs seems to be an unusually terrible environment for cinema, given its cultural pretensions.

What follows are entries 77 through 79 of Kenko’s Essays in Idleness. I’ma broaden your minds here.

77 I find it intolerable when people who have no concern with some matter that has become a current subject of gossip acquaint themselves thoroughly with the intimate details, pass on to others their findings, or persist in further inquiries. It of ten happens that some country bumpkin of a priest pries into strangers’ businesss as if it were his concern, then spreads reports so detailed it makes one wonder how he could have learned so much.

78 I find it insufferbale too the way people spread word about the latest novelties and make a fuss over them. I am charmed by the man who remains unaware of such fashions until they have become quite an old story to everyone else.

The man without breeding or social graces will, when a new arrival is present, invariable mention subjects and persons familiar to the other members of a gathering, carrying on a conversation in fragments and with knowing glances and laughter, making the stranger, who fails to catch their meaning, feel an utter ignoramus.

79 A man should avoid displaying deep familiarity with any subject. Can one imainge a well-bred man talking with the air of a know-it-all, even about a matter with which is in fact familiar? The boor who pops up on the scene from somewhere in the hinterland answers questions with an air of utter authority in every field. As a result, though the man may also possess qualities that compel our admiration, the manner in which he displays his high opinion of himself is contemptible. It is impressive when a man is always slow to speak, even on subjects he knows thoroughly, and does not speak at all unless questioned.

One might fairly think he goes a bit too far occasionally.


February 9, 2010 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate that the predetermined spot for the heel on socks never lines up with my heel which then causes a buildup of sock material at the back of the shoe.

    Comment by Jon | February 9, 2010

  2. I hate inconsistent formatting. More specifically: I hate the absence of a space after a paragraph indication.

    Comment by JoB | February 9, 2010

  3. The “dismissive lip fart” thing was from some article in the Times this weekend, right? Maybe the appalling piece of shit article in the Style section about how college women can’t find dates due to gender imbalance?

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 9, 2010

  4. healthy hatreds should be oriented outwardly, i know but my hatreds are oriented towards my disorganization mostly, i hate i can’t find time to 1. go to the dry cleaner for the coat get cleaned after it was shut upon by some bird when i was waiting for the bus under the bridge the rainy day the other week, it’s other coat, not with the hole in the pocket which i mended beautifully only to find another hole later so i gave up on it 2. go to ER to get it dressed the carbuncle on my upper back before it results in endocarditis or sepsis, if it was different place i could have taken care of it by myself now when it’s in the ripened phase, but one can’t reach one’s back between shoulders is the truth of truths, i’ll take some antibiotiks maybe instead

    Comment by read | February 9, 2010

  5. No, it’s from the article about Eyes Wide Shut.

    Comment by ben | February 9, 2010

  6. I hate that I have nothing to blog about. Big Josh is about to push me off the front page over at our joint. OTOH, his name’s on the door, so the pressure’s off.

    Comment by K-sky | February 9, 2010

  7. I hate that people are complaining about the underpants bomber being read his miranda rights, particularly the suggestion that this somehow harmed the FBI’s ability to get information from him. Just what do these idiots think? That this guy was just casually chatting to the cops about where bin Laden was, until they read him his rights and he thought “I don’t have to talk? Well, in that case, maybe I won’t.”

    Comment by voyou | February 9, 2010

  8. I hate the fact that there are basically no paths from my house to campus that aren’t covered in four or five inches of slop. I hate the fact that after snowing all afternoon, it’s raining now.

    I don’t hate the snow, but I wish the administration wasn’t so stubborn about canceling. There are barely any spots for commuters, and a bunch of professors decided not to come today, anyways. I hate that we’re not just cancelled for the whole week. I could use a UK-style reading week, given that I have to turn in a 25-page paper for my literary theory class before spring break in a few weeks.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | February 9, 2010

  9. shat

    Comment by read | February 9, 2010

  10. I hate when people tell lies. Even more, I hate when, having been called out for telling a falsehood, people create a new falsehood which they believe will explain away the initial falsehood. I hate when they do this despite the ready availability of documentary evidence affirmatively demonstrating the falsity of their proffered explanations, as if to say, “Not only do I think so little of you that I’m willing to lie, but I also have so little respect for your basic intelligence that I can’t even be bothered to lie well.” I hate most of all when the escalating series of lies all relate to something as to which an honest answer would have been fully acceptable and the lies thus aren’t even in the service of some useful conflict-avoiding purpose.

    Comment by Di Kotimy | February 10, 2010

  11. I hate that I feel that expressing my hatreds would be petty, even though I enjoy Tuesday Hatred and do not find it petty. Perhaps I need to develop some grand hatreds.

    Comment by daniel rogers | February 10, 2010

  12. I hate it when people edit a post following a comment such that the comment will, for all eternity, seem misguided.

    Comment by JoB | February 11, 2010

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