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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Time

I confess that teaching really does take up a lot of one’s time, especially when one is developing two new courses every quarter. I confess that the quarter system is pretty insane, but I’m not sure I’d want to go back to semesters, which would now feel infinitely long. I confess that keeping up with my language acquisition activities has been very difficult. I confess that I’m running low on groceries and may take the bus to Meijer rather than asking some random person to drive me.


February 12, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that I’m going to miss Patrick Kennedy; Rhode Island could do a lot worse, and it probably will. Plus he earned points with me for getting into a fight with that asshole Bishop Tobin.

    I confess that my dreams have been embarrassingly dull lately. The other night I dreamt I was editing director’s cut editions of old movies, and was currently at work on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971), specifically a scene where an alligator rises out of the chocolate river to kill and devour Charlie, apparently reflecting Roald Dahl’s original vision, in which the universe does not mete out fierce but appropriate forms of justice, but is a chaotic and murderous land ruled only by the savage and the strong.

    Comment by stras | February 12, 2010

  2. but survived by the resilient
    i confess my fridays are always the busiest day of the week

    Comment by read | February 12, 2010

  3. I confess that I would very much enjoy seeing the stras cut of Willy Wonka.

    Comment by Di Kotimy | February 12, 2010

  4. I confess that increasingly, people who are supposed to catch errors in my writing do not in fact catch them.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 12, 2010

  5. I confess that I recklessly endangered myself and others while on my bicycle on Tuesday. I confess that I exulted in the defeat of an email chess opponent yesterday.

    Comment by ben | February 12, 2010

  6. I confess that I’m basically tired of doing things.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 12, 2010

  7. I confess that I’m stuck in a pattern where I’m unmotivated, exhausted and generally unable to complete basic life and work tasks all day, and then, at around 11:30 p.m. or so, when I should be getting ready to go to sleep, I realize both that I’m not tired or sleepy in the least, and that I haven’t accomplished anything I’d set out for myself that day. What follows is a frenzy of activity, followed finally by sleep at around 2:30 a.m. For example, last night between midnight and 2 a.m., I finished construction of a wardrobe, put up shelves, cleaned, separated recycling and paid bills. Predictably, I’m totally wiped out today.

    Comment by jms | February 12, 2010

  8. I confess that while the current crop of “Top 40” songs is significantly weaker than it was three months ago (WTF is this “Lady Antebellum” on the radio all the time–it sounds like Kelly Clarkson got raped by Toby Keith and had this as their monstrous offspring!?), the current Young Money song is really good. Anyone who disagrees likely not only loves Lady Antebellum, but lists “House” and “24” as their favourite TV shows. I confess to finding the new coin “Canadian Tire Money” to be really, really odd. They gave me a “limited edition” coin because they screwed up my bill after an oil change. I confess that I should likely learn to change my own oil.

    Comment by Craig | February 12, 2010

  9. I confess that I believe all people complaining about being too busy are, basically, morons.

    Comment by JoB | February 13, 2010

  10. I confess that I would much rather sell, at a considerable loss, the house my wife owned and lived in before she moved in with me than spend another minute dealing with our whiny bitch-ass tenants. Who have my political sympathies, no doubt, but not my personal ones. I confess that our losses on the house, given its income, the mortgage, taxes, insurance and repairs, crept into the low five digits last year.

    I confess that I don’t really bring in the bucks these days, so I’m being something of a whiny bitch-ass property manager myself here.

    Comment by K-sky | February 14, 2010

  11. i confess Happy New Year!

    Comment by read | February 14, 2010

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