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Spoiler Alert Thursday

With that silly sporting event taking place, it seems that no shows are actually on this week or the following week and many regular shows have taken sudden breaks until the end of March or beginning of April. Dire times, indeed. Of the shows that we watch (other than “General Hospital,” of course) only “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and “Human Target” aired an episode. Spartucus’s downward spiral continues after having embarrassed himself and Batiatus in the “primus” event at the recent games by falling to adhere to the rules of the contest and fighting poorly against Crixus. Now, Spartacus has been demoted from gladiator to what seems to be something like “Fight Club”/”UFC” with the exception that the matches are to the death and the contestants are adherents of the Roman body modification culture (including one fighter who cuts off his enemies faces and attaches them to his own). After some initial difficulties, Spartacus quickly becomes the reigning champion of “the pit” but quickly tires of it following a dream of his wife. At this point, Spartacus decides he will throw the fight (i.e., die), Batiatus will bet all of his money against him and will continue the search for Spartacus’s life. Things, however, do not go according to plan as two assassins attempt to kill Batiatus during the fight. Were Batiatus to die, Spartacus’s wife would never be saved. Spartacus, thus, has no option but to win the fight and kill the assassins, saving Batiatus’s life, but causing him financial ruin. As a reward, Spartacus is allowed to continue to his gladiatorial training. (Which, presumably goes well and quickly given that the next episode involves Spartacus and Crixus teaming up to fight an opponent–further, one gathers that this teaming up will change their views towards one another such that Team Spartacus-and-Crixus is ready to revolt. But where is Oenomaus? And Batiatus’s school clearly doesn’t have 200 gladiators, let alone the 70 or so that actually revolted.) Given that no one recognized the brand on the slaves sent to murder Batiatus, we should take this to mean that they do not belong to Selonius or the grain merchant.

“Human Target,” quite obviously, was completely wonderful. From the objective viewpoint, a terribly written and conceived show filled with mind blowing improbabilities. However, unlike other shows failing into this trap (e.g., “Dollhouse”), “Human Target” is a complete joy to watch. By far the best new show of the 2009/2010 television season.

For reasons not entirely clear, CBC has taken to showing “Poirot” movies. David Suchet is great as “Poirot,” but the English upper class is absolutely intolerable. Coincidentally, the most recent episode featured John Hannah.


February 18, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. I’ve got to say, Community is growing on me week by week — and Parks and Recreation definitely isn’t, though it’s kind of a nice calm thing to watch. Community is essentially a high-school comedy, except that there’s more variation in age, and I think it actually paints a fairly positive picture of community college life — or at least it reminds me that community college is one of those increasingly rare environments where you get people of a lot of different backgrounds, demographics, etc., thrown together.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | February 18, 2010

  2. Except the characters and actors are intolerable–the man character, Chevy Chase, the loser kid, the woman, the Spanish teacher, the other teacher…

    Comment by Craig | February 18, 2010

  3. I confess to having enjoyed Community when I watched it as well. It’s not as good as Dan Harmon’s previous efforts, Laser Fart and Water and Power.

    Comment by ben | February 18, 2010

  4. Oenomaus is a drunk mouse, right?

    Comment by ben | February 18, 2010

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