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Wednesday Food: Bittman’s Polenta, The Atlantic on Walmart

One of the best parts about working where I do is that my boss’s wife clips out newspaper articles that she thinks I would find interesting.  It was in this endearing way– remarkably not through the internet– that I came to know The MinimalistMark Bittman has been a food columnist for the New York Times for nearly two decades.  In the late 90s he launched a career in food writing with the NYT column (now also a blog, Bitten), and How to Cook Everything.  More recently he released Food Matters, addressing the American diet as a lifestyle, and how it affects the environment and our health.  The recipe I’m featuring today was previously posted through his site, which also links to explanatory videos.

Beer Pairing: With a meal of polenta and sausage with winter greens, I paired Stone’s Thirteenth Anniversary Ale— contraband from a Christmas trip to California.  As the mix of sausages I used provided a spicy, gamey, but not too smokey flavor, the intense hops and alcohol of this American Strong Ale were perfectly suited in intensity, and cleansed the palate.

The Atlantic this month published an article on a change in marketing at Walmart.  A superstore chain that has had devastating effects on the American small business community, it seems they are now fostering a campaign to promote locally farmed, often organic and in-season produce.  Is it for the good of the environment and the benefit of healthy Americans that they make these changes?  Probably not.  What’s interesting is that the consumer market base has changed enough that local/ sustainable agriculture may actually become a financially viable business decision.  Check it out for yourself.

February 24, 2010 - Posted by | Wednesday Food


  1. my dinner looked almost like this, with bits of sausage ( turkey polish kielbasa) and bread, but instead of polenta it was a salad mix, all microwaved of course
    after initial desensitization i don’t feel any more any cholecystitic pain upon eating the sausage

    Comment by read | February 24, 2010

  2. The bottle and bowl look familiar…… and while I will stick to my anti-Walmartiness, I can’t help but applaud the “trendy” emergence of healthy, responsibly grown food in mass media and middle-America. Hillshire Farms- Go…locally-pasture-raised chickens?!

    Comment by vanessa | February 24, 2010

  3. Damn that looks good, but I’d have to put vegetarian sausage in.

    Comment by Anthony Paul Smith | February 25, 2010

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