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New Technology: The Genius Phone

We need to move beyond a phone that is merely “smart” to a phone that is a “genius.” The way to do this is through voice-recognition technology, calibrated to the user, which then prompts appropriate internet searches based on what the user is saying. Let’s say The Girlfriend and I are talking about whether there are any good restaurants near where we are — I pull out the Genius Phone and it’s already on the screen. I wonder if this movie has released yet? Who was the actor who played “Boner” on Growing Pains? What ever happened to Vanilla Ice? Again — instant gratification whenever I pull out my phone.

The only issue I can see, aside from the unreliability of voice recognition software as things stand, is battery life.

March 9, 2010 - Posted by | innovative technologies that shape our lives


  1. Who was the actor who played “Boner” on Growing Pains?

    Dude, Boner died last week. Too soon, man.

    Comment by stras | March 10, 2010

  2. Also I hate smart phones, but I’m too tired to elaborate on that. I’ll save it for a Tuesday.

    Comment by stras | March 10, 2010

  3. It was Tuesday YESTERDAY and NO ONE hated.

    Comment by ben wolfson | March 10, 2010

  4. All was full of love.

    Comment by K-sky | March 10, 2010

  5. I was too happy yesterday, Ben. I’ll try to be sadder next week.

    Comment by stras | March 10, 2010

  6. that’s terrible to think he’s a stiff now

    Comment by micah | March 10, 2010

  7. What ever happened to Vanilla Ice?

    In August 2009, Van Winkle announced on his official Twitter account that he had signed a contract with StandBy Records, who will release his sixth studio album.[79] Van Winkle is also filming a reality television series.[2]

    Comment by stras | March 11, 2010

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