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Monday Movies: Return of Godard

This quarter I’m back to teaching Tuesday-Thursday, which seems to be more compatible with watching movies during the week than Monday-Wednesday-Friday (though for reasons I can’t discern). In particular, this week I pulled my classic move of starting a movie Thursday night, realizing I was too exhausted to get even halfway through, then finishing Friday night.

  • Band of Outsiders — This was my Friday morning viewing. When I first started watching Godard films, I must’ve stumbled upon many of his more “crazy” or “abstract” ones, but lately I’ve managed to find a few more that are somewhat plot and character driven in something like the conventional sense. My favorite scene was when they started dancing in the cafe and every so often the music would cut out so that the narrator could describe their emotions:

  • Les diabolique: This was an extremely well-done heist movie turned mystery. The final frames were a warning against spoilers, and so out of respect for that I won’t tell you much more other than that it’s very much worth your time.
  • Delicatessen: We only got partway through this one as The Girlfriend’s internet connection was less than fully reliable last night. It is made by the director of Amélie and is very stylistically similar. The Girlfriend is a huge fan of Amélie and will likely finish it this week without me.

Next on my queue: 2 more discs of Sandbaggers and Woody Allen’s Zelig (recommended by Brad).


April 5, 2010 - Posted by | Monday Movies


  1. Zelig took me by surprise this weekend. Not that I typically dislike Woody Allen. I just hadn’t heard much about it. And yet, in terms of overall style, it’s one of his best (caveat: in terms of overall humor and story, it’s hard to rival some of his others). The idea of the movie, and the fact that’s it’s only like 80 minutes, is genius.

    Comment by Brad Johnson | April 5, 2010

  2. “Magnum opusculum” is pretty good.

    Comment by ben | April 5, 2010

  3. Over the weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of viewing Elisabeth “Is it because I’m a lesbian?” Rohm starring in the Lifetime Networks powerhouse, “Desperate Escape.” It was, in a word, scrumptulescent.

    Comment by Craig | April 6, 2010

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