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Spoiler Alert Thursday

As always, I feel as though there is very little on TV.

  • “Bones.” Yet another terrible episode–no wonder people love this show. One scene she is completely oblivious to social convention and in the next she is the best of friends. Garbage.
  • “Fringe.” Due to God-know’s-what-sort-of-technical difficultly, Space played forty minutes of an episode of “Private Practice” (the dick!?) instead of the scheduled “Fringe.” It would seem upon discovering their error, they went to a test screen and then five minutes of commercials. They rounded out the hour with some shitty show featuring idiots who make “armour” and “weapons” out of cardboard and “fight” one another to the death. Also some hilarious “LARPers.” (We didn’t watch the original airing, preferring to watch an episode of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” instead–the good one, with David Suchet.) Since then, I’ve downloaded the episode, but haven’t watched it yet. I am saddened to hear that Olivia and Christopher Chance are no longer married (IRL).
  • “Spartacus.” This was effing good, of course. Originally we only watched it because there was nothing else on TV, it looked like it would be ridiculous, and press promised John Hannah’s wee-wee. Fortunately, we have not seen John Hannah’s shriveled member yet. Glaber’s attempt to get Spartacus killed failed in such an awesome way–Spartacus managed to either kill or severely wound an entire troop of guards (fully armored and weaponed, of course) with just his wooden practice sword. Meanwhile, Crixus has been put into the same position Spartacus was in at the start of the series: his lady-friend being sent off to a new owner. And Ashur is possibly the most lecherous “majordomo” of all time. Occasionally I find myself saying “Jupiter’s cock!” as an exclamation of dismay. This usually happens on Mondays.
  • “The Big Bang Theory.” I hate Wil Wheaton and I hate anyone and everyone who likes him. I read in the paper this week that this is “the number one sitcom” in Canada and is expected to de-throne “Two and a Half Men” in the US shortly. Really? People like this? Admittedly, the Jew wears really funny clothes, but the Indian is just annoying. The person I take to be the central character (Leonard?) is in need of a serious beat-down–ditto his not the least bit convincing “girlfriend.” All that remains is the guy who may or may not have Asperger’s. I find this diagnosis unconvincing: he is more cat-like than autistic.
  • “Human Target.” I am sad for two reasons: (1) Amy Acker as the “client” of the week; (2) that the season is now over. However, it was great to see that La Grenouille is still alive and acting. If this is not renewed, I will do something absolutely terrible to the person in charge of making these decisions at Fox (like send them a jar of poo).
  • “Supernatural.” The “Christianist militia as agent of Satan” theme was alright–who better to lead a bunch of whackjob Christians than the Whore of Babylon herself? Of course, that wasn’t the best of the episode. This was, as they say, “a good Castiel episode.” Readers will recall that Castiel was destroyed to discover that God–via the mediation of the angel Joshua–has expressed a lack of interest in the fates of the angels, demons and humans; specifically, he does not care who wins the war between Michael and Lucifer. Castiel, who thought that finding God would solve their problems and who remained true to his Father in contrast to Zachariah, has plummeted into his own personal hell. As a result, Castiel’s voicemail is now (to the effect of) “Why do you want me to say my name…?” followed by a random series of beeps. Upon finally meeting up with Sam, Castiel tells him he finds the sound of his voice “annoying.” Upon being asked by Sam if he is drunk, Castiel replies, “I found a liquor store and drank it.” Major theological point of the week: angels, when depressed, can get drunk and it isn’t clear if an entire bottle of advil helps with the hangover.

April 15, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. Ended up watching the “Fringe” episode before bed. Clearly Nina and Broyles (aka Lt. Daniels) know more about what is going on than they are letting on–but then this has been evident from the very start. Either out Broyles/Daniels or give up that conspiracy angle.

    With summer fast approaching and, thus, nothing on but “True Blood” (pre-ordered season two DVDs yesterday!), we started watching “The Wire” again the other night. They seem so young and somehow the production seems so weak. It is a different experience knowing that tough-talking Bodie is going to get gunned down defending his corner or that Stringer is going to get shot-the-fuck-up in a loft apartment under construction or every time that McNulty takes a drink, you know that one night soon he is going to fail making a left turn and drive into a bridge.

    Given that we were sceptical about both “The Wire” and “Generation Kill,” should we bother with “Treme”? Didn’t watch it this week and I don’t think I read anything about it. Reviews, comments please.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | April 15, 2010

  2. I should add: we are quite happy that “Murdoch Mysteries” is back, but because we don’t watch anything else on CityTV, we had no idea that the new season had begun. Consequently, we missed the first couple of episodes. At any rate, it remains highly enjoyable.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | April 15, 2010

  3. Justified is turning out to be a great addition to my TV arsenal — just a well-done, badass-centered action show.

    I did not realize Treme was on already and will try to watch it tonight if it’s on demand.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 15, 2010

  4. There are actually a lot of websites that you can use to send people poop.

    Comment by micah | April 15, 2010

  5. Treme was entertaining enough. Very hard to judge the show on the basis of the first episode — nothing really “happened.” At times, it felt a bit heavy-handed and expository for a David Simon show, although it had a lot of the same realism-ish feeling of the Wire, and some good music and what looks like the outlines of some threads worth following. The Steve Zahn character is annoying, if a recognizable type. I worry that without the police-procedural cop show structure that underlay the Wire, the plotting will fall apart and it will end up just being a bunch of character sketches, musical interludes, and insider references to New Orleans.

    But it’s a lot better than whatever’s on network.

    Comment by Robert Halford | April 15, 2010

  6. Glee‘s reopener was kind of a letdown. The musical numbers felt awfully forced — okay, so now the team has got to win regionals, so they’ve got to focus, and so … it’s really important that they all come up with a song that has “hello” in the title. What? Will’s words and deeds have always seemed kind of divorced from his motivations, and it’s interesting sometimes — as when he falls in love with Emma and then makes out with the Vocal Adrenaline coach — but most of the time the arbitrariness of his actions just makes him seem crazy, and not in an interesting way.

    Speaking of the Vocal Adrenaline coach, it’s interesting that she looks basically exactly like Rachel.

    Comment by jms | April 15, 2010

  7. Timothy Olyphant in Justified shows a hint more range than he displayed in Deadwood. But just a hint.

    Comment by ebolden | April 16, 2010

  8. The main thing is that his character in Justified doesn’t seem to be constipated at all times. They probably didn’t have reliable laxatives back then, to be fair.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 16, 2010

  9. I am very excited for the June debut of The Good Guys (trailer there). Bradley Whitford as moustachioed policeman is a sure thing. A sure thing, you say? How can you be “sure”? I can be sure because I saw a 1/2-hr cop show that never aired called Off Duty in which he played a dissolute, friendless mustachioed policeman. And that was some funny, funny shit.

    Comment by K-sky | April 16, 2010

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