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“There’s Magic Everywhere in this Bitch”

Is it actually possible to make a rap video this bad and it not be intentional? I just started my 35th year of life, and this is a very good way to begin it.


April 20, 2010 - Posted by | Music


  1. Greatest video ever.

    Comment by kreszentia | April 20, 2010

  2. “Directed by internationally acclaimed artist Daler Mehndi”

    Comment by Colin | April 20, 2010

  3. There was a pretty funny sendup of this from snl.

    Comment by dbarber | April 20, 2010

  4. Holy shit, that was appalling… ly awesome.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 20, 2010

  5. Was that Mecca?

    Comment by Anthony Paul Smith | April 20, 2010

  6. It’s been a really bad day here but fuck me if this hasn’t made life ok.

    Comment by Anthony Paul Smith | April 20, 2010

  7. I can’t stop watching this. I love how absolutely incoherent it is, “If magic is all we’ve every known, it’s easy to miss what’s really going on” and then going on to explain how fucking rad magic is. Quick, someone send this to Zizek!

    Comment by Anthony Paul Smith | April 20, 2010

  8. Fuckin’ magnets!

    Comment by Pat Rock | April 20, 2010

  9. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with Insane Clown Posse’s oeuvre may I recommend one of their early masterpieces: Dead Body Man:

    True story in 1998 I saw ICP live twice. Great fun for only five bucks.

    Comment by Pat Rock | April 20, 2010

  10. Another favorite line, which I didn’t hear the first two-dozen times I listened to it at work today: “Music is magic pure and clean, you can feel it and hear it, but it can’t be seen. Music is all magic. You can’t even hold it. It’s there in the air.”

    Comment by Brad Johnson | April 20, 2010

  11. Recommended.

    Comment by ben | April 21, 2010

  12. I think I’m going to scrap my current dissertation and write a close-reading of this song.

    Comment by Anthony Paul Smith | April 21, 2010

  13. Is this about Magic Johnson?

    Comment by JoB | April 21, 2010

  14. Here’s the SNL parody:

    My favorite line:

    Water, fire, air and dirt
    Fucking magnets, how do they work?
    And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist
    Y’all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed

    Wow, this just made my day.

    Comment by Jeremy | April 21, 2010

  15. I tried to watch this but had to stop; I was too embarrassed for the rapping clown people.

    Comment by stras | April 22, 2010

  16. That really does look like that Daler Mehndi video but less entertaining.

    Comment by Collin G | April 22, 2010

  17. Amazing.

    I started playing this video, and one of my housemates was like, “what is that, Christian rap?”

    Comment by Dave Mesing | April 22, 2010

  18. Before getting all the way through the video I assumed that the lines Jeremy quoted in 14 were from the parody. Nope!

    Comment by ben | April 22, 2010

  19. Having now watched the entire video, I am now rendered more or less speechless.

    Comment by stras | April 22, 2010

  20. stras – you know – you convinced me to dig in and stay the whole course and I have to say that – for me – it all came together at the end. I mean, they’re in a space ship! They even fly away into a luminescent black hole, and all.

    Comment by JoB | April 22, 2010

  21. This about sums how I feel about this song:

    “hearing this song makes you wish ICP would stick to serial killing”

    Comment by Jeremy | April 22, 2010

  22. Wow…

    “Notice and recognize, bitches.”

    Comment by ericdarylmeyer | April 22, 2010

  23. I really can’t stop listening to this. Here is some amazing stuff.

    1. SNL spoof:

    2. Violent J interview response to criticisms:

    A highlight from the interview: “We appreciate all this shit. Especially a yellow ass, long neck giraffe. What’s a shame is how people walk around blind to it all. They lost their spirit about everything. If you can’t even see the miracle in animals, then you must have never truly loved a pet. That has to suck for you. Maybe you mother fuckers should relax that wound up, extra tense bitch ass of yours for a minute and go smoke a joint or somethin’. Be an individual, step out and away from the flow of the crowd. Take a time out, open up ya mind and then peep the giraffe. Try to appreciate some of these miracles, bitch.”

    Literally unbelievable.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | April 27, 2010

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