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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Just want to admit that I want sugar in my tea

I confess that after a long time of being bored with them, I’ve been watching Fox Sunday night cartoons and, what’s more, laughing out loud at them. Roger of American Dad has gone from being the alien version of Stewie to being (as many cartoon characters end up nowadays) a total sociopath, and he’s all the better for it. A highlight: “Go kiss him while he’s pooping — give him the old ‘San Diego thank-you.'”

I confess that initially I thought that Cleveland Show might be emerging as the best of the Seth MacFarlane pantheon, but I’ve got to give it to American Dad. The CIA/extreme-patriotism angle makes him more than an even more retarded Homer Simpson (see: Peter Griffin and, increasingly, Cleveland Brown), and the way they randomly “reboot” the relationships between the family members is great. They are totally comfortable with having five episodes in a row where Stan is indifferent to his son (and apparently has been since his birth) but comes to learn a valuable lesson, etc.

I confess that this weekend, The Girlfriend is visiting me here instead of me traveling to Chicago. There’s a dinner for religion majors that I felt I should attend, and it also served as an excuse to ask her to come here to give me a break from making the trip, which is wearing on me much more this quarter than previously. She’s viewing it as “a vacation,” reportedly. We’ll see.

I confess that I’ve been procrastinating all week on doing an index for my dissertation. At this point, I’ve done an index for my Zizek book (which was absolutely miserable — it reduced the book to utter nonsense in my mind), for two or three of Ted’s books, and a couple for a former CTS prof, and I can say with confidence that it’s my least favorite academic task.

I confess that I still haven’t started Treme, even though I’m an HBO subscriber. Starting a new “high-art” TV show intimidates me.


April 23, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that I genuinely like both Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” and the Dawson’s Creek theme. Can I confess that I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over? Because I don’t. Can I confess that I am lying naked on the floor? Give me a minute.

    Comment by K-sky | April 23, 2010

  2. I confess I think of stealing ‘the Weblog’s’ lay-out for my move to wordpress.

    Comment by JoB | April 23, 2010

  3. I confess that I also like those two songs.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 23, 2010

  4. Isn’t the Weblog’s layout just a standard WordPress theme?

    I confess that I suspect much of this so-called “confessional” is merely the customary Thursday TV post, delayed a day.

    Comment by stras | April 23, 2010

  5. I think that admitting that I enjoy Seth MacFarlane cartoons and ascribing relative quality to them counts as a confession.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 23, 2010

  6. I confess that I welcome back the old name and slogan. I confess further that I suspect Adam’s sense of humor is a little off.

    Comment by ben | April 23, 2010

  7. I confess I’m dying to go to Dark Lord Day tomorrow, but am frustrated that it seems I’ll be going it alone. I confess I’m getting increasingly annoyed that my significant other never wants to participate in these awesome events with me. I confess this makes me feel vengeful and I flirt with other men. I confess I hate when I air my dirty laundry in public, but that it nevertheless feels good to bitch.

    Comment by ebolden | April 23, 2010

  8. I confess to reading somewhere that the American liberal philosopher John Rawls and his wife were reportedly brought together by a shared love of indexing.

    Comment by engels | April 23, 2010

  9. I confess that, even after a 20-0 loss and a miserable sweep thanks to Cryin’ Braun and the fucking Brewers, I am still a Pirates fan and my April enthusiasm for baseball is still high.

    I confess that I bought a bottle of Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot in order to celebrate my grad school decision, but have yet to open it.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | April 23, 2010

  10. I confess that I spent my entire train ride this morning playing tetris.

    Comment by ben | April 23, 2010

  11. I confess that I fail to understand how anyone could have more than a tepid enthusiasm for baseball.

    Comment by transportinburma | April 23, 2010

  12. I view baseball as something to follow in the summer. For me, it lives up to the cliche of being a past time. For sports, I have always been a hockey fan first, and hockey is a much more intense sport, so the pace of baseball games/seasons is a nice break.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | April 23, 2010

  13. Dave, as a fan of the Cinti. Reds, much respect for hanging in there w/ the Pirates. The Reds always have the proverbial farm system w/ the allegedly amazing talent. We’re always told to think we’re just a few years away from a run. Do the Pirates even have that?

    Comment by Brad Johnson | April 24, 2010

  14. W/ baseball … I think you have to be either all-in to appreciate it at all. (Beyond, that is, the enjoyment of just going to the ballpark from time to time.)

    Comment by Brad Johnson | April 24, 2010

  15. Oh, and I confess that every new friend I try to make is mostly done for the purpose of identifying a new potential dogsitter.

    Comment by Brad Johnson | April 24, 2010

  16. Brad, most Pirates fans are incredibly cynical (for good reason). We have cheap owners who probably pocket revenue sharing money, and this has been confounded by years of bad management. When our recent GM took over a few years ago, the minor leagues were in total shambles, but I think many intelligent Pirates fans at least support his strategy so far. We have been told that we are rebuilding for well over ten years, though, so I think most people have just generally written the team off.

    As a big supporter of craft beer, I confess that I am gleeful over this news, but that these feelings of glee are tempered slightly be quasi-Marxist suspicions:,CST-NWS-beer25.article

    Comment by Dave Mesing | April 24, 2010

  17. I confess 1. & 3. above make me think you can go overboard in confessions.

    Comment by JoB | April 24, 2010

  18. I confess that I’ve spent all day trying to figure out what song the title of this post comes from.

    I also confess that I’ve been reading the weblog (which I mentally pronounce as “the we blog”) for years, but I have only commented two or three times. I’m that guy at a party who hangs out in the corner and never talks to anybody, but is the last guy to go home.

    Comment by John | April 24, 2010

  19. Weezer, “The Good Life,” from Pinkerton (at least that’s how I hear the lyrics).

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 26, 2010

  20. I confess I “screwed the pooch” with respect to Thursday and, given that there was little on, that it was actually a good week of TV–especially the finale of “Spartacus.” We were going to start “Treme” last night, but “On Demand” is fucked up–episode two is listed, but not episode one.

    Comment by Craig | April 26, 2010

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