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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Precious and few

I confess that my recent fixation on my Netflix queue has caused a couple outbreaks of anxiety — once when I thought I wouldn’t get the next disc of West Wing in time to watch it over the weekend with The Girlfriend (she put it in her queue; problem solved), and now when I’m going to be in Kalamazoo for the weekend due to a conference paper and am worried I won’t have enough visual entertainment. (The top item in my queue is the first disc of Homicide, because I thought a TV show would be a better option for my current purposes than a movie.)

I confess that I have not eaten adequate greens this week, due to a lack of motivation to go grocery shopping. The actual effects on my well-being are, I confess, unclear.

I confess that, for whatever reason, I relatively rarely floss at The Girlfriend’s house, even though she keeps floss out and regularly flosses herself. Is it because I don’t want to take the time away from her? Is it because the weekends feel like a “vacation”-like time when I should let things go? Is it simply because the routine that underwrites my daily flossing in Kalamazoo has been disrupted? Perhaps all these factors and more are at work. One thing we do know for sure is that my gums are suffering as a result.

I confess that I haven’t been to the dentist in years. When I first graduated college, I went to the dentist a few times, paying out of pocket, but they never found any problems — so that was the first thing to go when times were tight.

I confess that lately I am disinclined to do push-ups (my main workout other than walking and crunches) due to fear that it will somehow contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome. I confess that the wrist discomfort I occasionally do feel, apparently in this connection, is almost certainly a result of taking Zyrtec, one of whose side effects is numbness in one’s wrists. My dad takes Zyrtec regularly and complains of the same side effects; presumably our shared genes make us similarly susceptible. Even when medication keeps them under control, my allergies continue to ravage my life — in this case, detracting from the potential greatness of my pecs.

I confess that I’m not very good at keeping up with old friends, though I am very dutiful about keeping up with someone once they seem to be in “regular rotation.” Throughout my time of maintaining a long-distance relationship with The Girlfriend, I have been largely successful in regularly hanging out with people I was regularly hanging out with before getting the job in Kalamazoo.

I confess that The Girlfriend and I are going to officially begin cohabiting this summer, in a lovely 2-bedroom in Andersonville. That’s kind of a sin, right?


May 14, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that The Girlfriend and I are going to officially begin cohabiting this summer, in a lovely 2-bedroom in Andersonville. That’s kind of a sin, right?

    This is definitely a sin. I confess that M’s super-Catholic family is quite nice to me, despite the fact that they surely consider me a wanton and a harlot. They recently visited our house and kindly refrained from spoken judgment, in my presence anyway. I confess that this visit nonetheless enraged me, as it was unannounced, they stayed for hours, and his mother repeatedly hinted that she would like to sleep the night. I confess I have a talent for ignoring broad hints. I confess that as I now recall, this was actually Valentine’s Day. I confess that my family would never do such a thing.

    I confess that despite the above, I like M’s family, perhaps more than he does, his extended family anyway. His uncle is a priest who was booted from the Church because he rejected Vatican II. Now he conducts Latin mass for a congregation of weirdos out of his living room. He’s very nice though, and he keeps an impressive archive of materials about excommunicatory rituals and also demonic possession, which he has been generous about sharing.

    I confess that Adam, to save your wrists, you should do push-ups off of dumbbells.

    Comment by jms | May 14, 2010

  2. I have been doing pushups with more consistency than I’ve ever done any other kind of exercise. I do them on “ridgetops”, i.e., my fingers flat on the carpet and the rest of my hands and my wrists in the air. This protects my wrists. Every now and then I do fingertips, but then the number falls a lot.

    I confess that I was on week 3 of the hundred pushups challenge from January until a week ago.

    Comment by k-sky | May 14, 2010

  3. I confess that I’m jealous of lovely two-bedrooms in Andersonville. I miss my lovely two-bedroom on Rascher.

    Comment by oudemia | May 14, 2010

  4. i confess i wish there was a like button here or one could do like S/E/K and share one’s posts at FB for my reading convenience :)
    i confess i don’t like the smiley face the colon and right bracket will transform into, i like them plain
    i confess my paper will get published in the first rate c-r journal, i am so happy
    but my dialectics are getting like to the next level b/c sorrow and happiness not only take their turns but coexist at the same time, b/c my sister is getting divorced and she announced it the same day with my happy news, it’s also kind of happy news but it’ll affect my little niece, so it’s a sad thing too, god i wish them all be happy or just content

    Comment by read | May 14, 2010

  5. I confess that I cannot confess my confessions in this space.

    Comment by ben | May 14, 2010

  6. I confess that at least read’s second confession is shared. I further confess that I’m happy there are two-bedrooms for people that want to live together, although it is not clear why there needs to be a second bedroom and I confess that I believe there is a confession that has not been made above.

    Comment by Earnest O'Nest | May 14, 2010

  7. Congratulations on your publication, read!

    Comment by jms | May 14, 2010

  8. thank you very much, jms!
    i was to write a colon and the left parenthesis that nobody cares here and at FB yesterday about my good news, a colon and the right one
    but i should not sure overshare my sad news, that could negate people’s responses, cz you people here and there are a fraction of my emotional wellbeing too, a colon )

    Comment by read | May 14, 2010

  9. Having cohabitated for ten years, I can confess that it is neither especially sinful nor especially righteous. It’s basically like being married–but without the expense of a wedding.

    Comment by Craig | May 14, 2010

  10. I confess that my visit to the bay area last week was my first trip west of Cleveland.

    Comment by stras | May 14, 2010

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