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Wednesday Food: Light the Fire

“Grilling, broiling, barbecuing – whatever you want to call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.” -James Beard, Beard on Food

“Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liverslices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencods’ roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.” -James Joyce, Ulysses

Happy grilling season from Wednesday Food.


May 26, 2010 - Posted by | Wednesday Food

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  1. To the Weber-ho!

    Comment by Vanessa | May 26, 2010

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