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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Television is rapidly approaching the bleak months of summer, which means a variety of talent-less shows and “True Blood.” In preparation for the latter (there is no possible preparation for the former), we re-watched the first season and started on the second season (which only arrived in the mail yesterday). I am saddened that Rene had to be the killer. I liked him as a character. Tara was a good character up until her mother was “cured of her demon.” At this point she became intolerable, which continues into the second season. Jessica and Hoyt are basically the best TV-couple since Spinelli and Maxie (who are now intolerable, by the way–tied with Dante and Lulu). Sookie is clearly psychotic with a very loose grasp on reality.

I suppose, because a lot of people apparently like the show, you may discuss “Lost” in comments, which I understand ended this week. “24,” too–the advertisements say (as they always do on Fox) “unbelievable shocking ending that you never saw coming.” Somehow I doubt he’s shipped off to The Hague, flips into prosecution witness and the vast majority of the executive branch of the American government and executives at the FBI are arrested. This would mean, I suppose, that for the “24” series of movies I’ve heard this discussed here instead he would then become an international human rights lawyer prosecuting war crimes committed by western states. (Note: wrote this paragraph Sunday afternoon prior to the series finale of either show.)

Otherwise, in an attempt to have new television to discuss, we attempted to watch “Criminal Minds” last night. This was a mistake–possibly brought on by the heat (40 degrees; 104 to Americans) and no AC. Overall, the show was slow, boring, uninteresting, but it is nice to see that Eric Close (previously of “Without a Trace”) is “working” again. Yes, that is the best thing I can say about the show.

I didn’t really understand the “NCIS” finale. Would have been infinitely better had Tony gone through with killing the Mexican cop rather than being pushed aside by Franks, who is possibly the worst and most annoying character to ever be in a “cop show.”

“Murdoch Mysteries” was good this week: zombies.


May 27, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. The past couple episodes of Glee have been great. Artie’s dream sequence was notable for taking place in front of a Jollibee’s. At first I was like, do they even have Jollibee’s in small town Ohio? And then I saw the Seafood City, and the familiar double escalators, and, yep — the episode was shot at the mall down the street from my house.

    Comment by jms | May 27, 2010

  2. We’ve held off watching our recordings of Justified and In Plain Sight intentionally so we’d have a couple shows to watch after all the season finales. We also enjoy Lie to Me, which I think starts up in June.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | May 27, 2010

  3. The first episode I ever watched of Lost, was the finale, (I had a friend explain the basics). I found this “experiment” to be a success, because I was able to skip ahead 6 years and conclude the show is crap.

    Last season’s True Blood finale was such an affront that I don’t see myself watching it this year. The only beacon of hope I have for 2010 television is the upcoming season of Mad Men, Archer, and the very promising Boardwalk Empire.

    Comment by ebolden | May 27, 2010

  4. It is harsh to conclude something is crap based on the last part of it. I guess that procedure when consistently upheld would lead to most good things being judged as crap and the majority of crap being thought of as ‘possibly not crap’. & now we are talking about The Wire, it is amazing what does, and does not make it over the Atlantic in free view and how there seems to be a certain logic to it (True Blood and Mad Men are also series ‘TV specialists’ here refer to but that are absolutely drowned somewhere halfway the Atlantic).

    Comment by Earnest O'Nest | May 28, 2010

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