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Spoiler Alert Thursday

As with the previous week, there is barely anything on TV–except that show where that lady from fat camp yells at people and some talentless show. Dire times indeed.

  • “Happytown.” Been three weeks since it was last on (a sure sign of impending death) and we couldn’t remember much of the “plot” thus far. Fortunately, not really remembering the story thus far did not affect our viewing of the show. I am beginning to feel that although Dean Winters has never been seen without a denim jacket that he should nonetheless have been cast as the rich guy who owns the town. Peter Outerbridge has never been creepier–something sets blue medical gloves apart from the standard white/beige ones. We’ll stick with this show if only because Peter Outerbridge is a giant creep and because it is filmed in “small town” Ontario.
  • “Golden Girls.” We were fortunate enough to see the episode where Mario Lopez plays an illegal immigrant schoolkid–and gets deported as a consequence of his short “story” winning a prize at Dorothy’s suggestion. Poignant and timely. I felt sad for Rose when her dwarf psychiatrist boyfriend told her that they could no longer date because she wasn’t Jewish. This struck me as really unfortunate and racist. Boy, do they ever deal with “the issues” on this show! I read with a great deal of sadness that Blanche died today. Admittedly, I did not actually know that she was alive, so I guess her death did not affect me that much.
  • “Maude.” We’ve only caught one episode of this. More than a little heavy-handed.
  • “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Our watching of this show has been curtailed for obvious reasons: it sucks.

June 3, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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