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Spoiler Alert Thursday

There remains very little on television, with the exception of “Golden Girls” and “Happy Town.” The latter remains more or less incomprehensible. On the whole, it seems too obvious that Peter Outerbridge is the “Magic Man.” But then, this show isn’t especially well-written or conceived. Before you sink into despair on account of nothing being on TV, I’m happy to remind you that “True Blood” begins again this coming Sunday evening. I, for one, look forward to this. After all, “True Blood” is, by far, the most profound show about consumption–who should eat whom (or what)–that has ever been produced. Don’t be fooled into believing that the show is “an allegory for gay rights.” This is far too obvious and should therefore be ignored. Whether Alan Ball knows it or not, “True Blood” is fundamentally about whether it is right for humans to consume animal products–or not.

Prediction: Bill was kidnapped by Lorena and not, as is suggested, by Eric.

June 10, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. For reasons inexplicable we made the extremely regrettable decision to watch an episode of “Glee” this evening. I wish we could get that hour back. It was basically twice as a long as an episode of “Flight of the Concords,” but excessively unfunny, combined with the pedestrian teen drama of “Degrassi” in a school somehow resembling “92010” minus the conventionally Hollywood “good looking” people. I have trouble believing that not only do people watch this show, but that they enjoy it.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | June 11, 2010

  2. I watched Glee too, which I haven’t seen before. It does seem awfully mannered and trite. Well, the storylines involving the adults were especially bad, the teenagers maybe not quite so much so, so I vaguely wondered if that was somehow intentional.

    I’ve been watching NCIS quite a bit recently. I’m still amused every time I hear it’s banging hard-house theme tune; I wonder if they shouldn’t have just gone all the way and used “In the Navy.”

    Comment by voyou | June 11, 2010

  3. As is well-known, “NCIS” is highly recommended (by me): if only because it is a parody of the “forensic drama.”

    “Glee” gives the impression of taking itself seriously. (Is the woman playing the girl with the two dads also playing the role of her mother? They both look old enough to be my mother–and one of them is, apparently, supposed to be sixteen. Also: was it supposed to be funny or sad when the kid in the wheelchair used some other disabled kid’s crutches to dance with Sharon the Cylon? On that note, is this show basically “Edgemont, with song and dance”?)

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | June 11, 2010

  4. to dance with Sharon the Cylon

    Hey now, don’t be a jerk.

    Comment by jms | June 11, 2010

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