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Tuesday Hatred

Yes, it’s that rare thing, a “bare hatred”.

I hate the feeling of being overworked (which I am currently experiencing and have been for more or less the past week). I hate signals which if not mixed are at least of puzzling interpretation. I hate sleeping poorly, long drives, commercial radio, and Yoshi’s, which still styles itself a “jazz club” despite mostly not showcasing jazz artists and not exactly promoting the cutting edge (even what would have been the cutting edge 25 years ago) when it does. I hate the nonsensical bill they had on the evening of the 28th and, in particular, the second, terrible band. I hate the audience members seated near me who kept talking during the excellent last set (Fred Frith, Beth Custer, Pavel Fajt), and seemed offended when someone shushed them, as if they thought it was just beyond rude that anyone should disrupt their conversation. But then the Yoshi’s clientele does seem to consist mostly of douches and the superannuated.


June 29, 2010 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate being shushed, chiefly because the shusher is mainly right to shush the shushee(d?).

    Comment by Earnest O'Nest | June 29, 2010

  2. I hate assholes who don’t understand the difference between reply and reply to all.

    Comment by Jeremy | June 30, 2010

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