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Wednesday Food: English IPA and Vichyssoise

Summer is as good a time as any for testing your palate for hop sensitivity.  It’s work I need, as humid days make me long for the beers that smack you in the face with piney resinous hops, and I become impatient with hop nuance.

I made a point in the title to distinguish Goose Island’s India Pale Ale as English-Style, because I’m learning that the profile is quite different than that of American-Style.  Whereas American IPAs– especially West Coast IPAs– are hop heavy and stronger in alcohol, traditional English IPAs are more medium hopped and moderate in body and alcohol.  Therefore, the IBUs are lower in English-style and I dare say the beer feels a bit drier.

This year, the World Beer Cup awarded first place to Goose Island’s rendition, with second and third going to Brewer’s Alley in Maryland and Russell Brewing in Canada, respectively.  I had thought Goose’s a poor rendition of an IPA as I was long comparing it to American Styles, i.e.  Founder’s Centennial, Russian River’s Blind Pig.  To understand beer better stylistically, check here with the Brewer’s Association site, it’s what the judges are using.

And to go with your English v. American IPA experiment, make a batch of vichyssoise.  It’s a filling but cool summer dinner, second only to gazpacho in the chilled-soup arena.  Here, The Kitchn provides Julia Child’s recipe.


July 7, 2010 - Posted by | Wednesday Food

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