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Wednesday Food: Time Enough for Jolly Pumpkin

Well Heteronomous, no food for you today.  In the thick of searching for my fifth apartment in three years (and tenth in seven),  my meals have been reduced to bowls of cereal, and instant soup.  Happily, I still find time in the schedule to drink delicious beer.

On the roll call today is Jolly Pumpkin’s Weizen Bam.  It is fourth in the brewery’s Bam Farmhouse series; a Hefeweizen that uses both traditional German yeast and the brewery’s own wild, souring cultures.

The head retention and lacing are rather poor, but the appearance is a beautiful, cloudy straw-yellow.  Like other farmhouse ales it has flavors of citrus and spice, but unlike others it exhibits a hefty sour funk and almost no sweetness.  The effect is quite dry and fresh, and sessionable at 4.6% abv.

Jolly Pumpkin, set in Dexter, Michigan, is a small-producing brewer of rustic country ales, mostly in the French and Belgian traditions.  They are probably best known for their La Roja sour amber, but have some coveted Reserve Ales as well.  All beers are oak barrel aged and bottle-conditioned.

I know we have the Shelton Brothers to thank for this brewery’s wider distribution, but does it extend to California?


August 4, 2010 - Posted by | Wednesday Food

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  1. send us lists of care package items…. we care too much about you to let you miss any beer!

    Comment by lisa | August 5, 2010

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