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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Obvious Solutions

I confess that this summer, the following obvious solutions struck me as major revelations:

  • I found myself getting hungry, almost ravenously so, around 10:30, when I’d prefer to eat lunch around noon. This week, I realized I could get around this by eating breakfast later in the morning.
  • At a colleague’s suggestion, I’m organizing my Global Christianity course around the contrast between liberation theology and Pentecostalism. The texts I’ve chosen for Pentecostalism tend to be more book-length, whereas I have more articles on liberation theology. I thought to myself, “I’m really risking losing the thread of comparison with liberation theology if I’m going through these books as a block.” Last week, I realized that I could assign liberation theology articles alongside chapters from the Pentecostal books — for the very same class session.

I confess that I sometimes use keyboard shortcuts for their own sake, even when the mouse would be faster. I confess that I feel weird going to the same coffee shop two days in a row, even though I’m led to believe that such behavior is normal and even expected. I confess that I sometimes prefer old-fashioned shitty restaurants because the procedure seems simpler, whereas more modern-style places sometimes feel like a “big production.”

I confess that I sometimes blog at AUFS about things I don’t care that much about simply because I expect them to boost traffic, even though the level of traffic does not directly affect my life in any way. I confess that looking at the number of books I brought to Chicago for the summer, I am embarrassed at the number that I didn’t even touch. In my defense, however, this summer was also the first time in several years that I’ve done significant book-buying (studying for exams pretty well killed my joy in books for a while), although it’s still the case that the number of new books I bought and read does not begin to approach the number of books I brought with me.

I confess that I came up with it as a joke, but on a lot of levels, I really am “religious but not spiritual.”


August 20, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess I regularly hit the ‘refresh’ button on AUFS and here in the hope it will make y’all happier. I confess I’m having a fondness for self-defeating comments that, maybe, have a tendency to be less than uplifting. I confess that, despite all that ánd being long-winded, I am a nice guy.

    Comment by Earnest O'Nest | August 20, 2010

  2. the obvious solution to jetlag was coffee, but i tried that after 3 days of suffering the weird sleep cycles, now the interval between the sleep periods is getting closer to 20-30 min, i expect them to seal by tomorrow

    Comment by read | August 20, 2010

  3. I used to have a similar problem with breakfast not stretching through to lunch and was able to solve it by switching to breakfasts with more protein. Of course, for all I know, you’re already eating steak and eggs with whey protein sprinkled on top.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | August 20, 2010

  4. I’ve been having egg sandwiches for breakfast the last couple days, but only because I’m out of cereal. Maybe it’s worth considering a more permanent transition.

    I only had steak and eggs once, just to be able to say I did — but I was helping The Girlfriend move and knew that we probably wouldn’t have time for lunch, too, and the strategy paid off.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | August 20, 2010

  5. I was pretty surprised to discover a yogurt and a banana would tide me over until lunch when a bowl of cereal – which I love so much, by the way – didn’t.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | August 20, 2010

  6. I confess I recently acquired an exciting new toy — a solar oven — and am looking forward to playing with it this weekend. So far I’ve cooked a “Ghanaian” chicken and peanut stew (recipe and supposed national designation courtesy of the pamphlet that came with the oven) and ragu bolognese (recipe from fxcuisine), with excellent results, and a pot of artichokes (disaster). I don’t think pastry would work in the oven, because the temperatures are too low, but maybe I should try a cake? I confess I will probably spend the rest of my working day thinking about this.

    Comment by jms | August 20, 2010

  7. I confess to identifying with “religious but not spiritual.”

    I confess to having what seemed like a brilliant idea for the structure of AUFS and later realizing I was probably just caffeine buzzing and it wasn’t that cool-and that it’s not my blog.

    I confess to listening to the following song 5+ times in the past week:

    I confess to liking the song even more after having seen the video.

    I confess to being confused about my affinities.

    Comment by Hill | August 20, 2010

  8. I confess that I don’t subscribe to the principle that some movies are enjoyable enough for a rental but not to see in the theater.

    Consider, first, the vastness of the universe of movies available for home viewing, and second, the added pleasure of seeing a movie in the theater. Why would you save a mediocre movie for home viewing when you could watch anything in the entire history of cinema (or at least the best of last year’s movies that you missed in the theater) at home on your couch? Why wouldn’t you allow a little slack in your quality control when you know that at least it will be big and loud and air conditioned?

    I understand why you would save some movies for theatrical viewing; I have held off on seeing Playtime on video because of ben’s advice. But if you feel like going to the movies, go! At least you will be going to the movies.

    Comment by k-sky | August 20, 2010

  9. Apropos of 4, I confess that upon the breakup of my first marriage I had a breakfast burrito almost every day for about a year and a half, whereupon I had my cholesterol checked and realized that I was probably OK to dial it back now.

    Comment by k-sky | August 20, 2010

  10. Re. 7: I confess I haven’t yet “forgiven” Chris Brown.

    Comment by jms | August 20, 2010

  11. jms, I confess to thinking he’s a bastard and really not liking T-Pain at all… hence my confession and confusion.

    Comment by Hill | August 20, 2010

  12. “the added pleasure of seeing a movie in the theater”

    False: really expensive, other people.

    There are three sorts of movies: (1) worth seeing in a theater despite the cost and presence of other people (e.g., the “Twilight” movies); (2) worth watching on TV (e.g., nearly all movies) [subtype (2a) worth watching on network TV (e.g., “Die Hard,” “Bridget Jones’ Diary”)]; and (3) not worth watching at all (e.g., “Armored,” which I suffered through last night).

    Comment by Craig | August 20, 2010

  13. 11. I still love the video for “With You.” We’ll get through this together, Hill.

    Comment by jms | August 20, 2010

  14. I confess that I know that I have been responded to on the post on Mad Men on Aufs, but that I’m deliberately not reading the response because if I do I’ll just respond to it.

    Comment by ben | August 20, 2010

  15. I confess to being disappointed that neither Belle Swan nor Aragorn were in the scenes of “On the Road” being filmed in Gatineau this week. I am thankful, however, that neither Amy Adams nor Kirsten Dunst were in the scenes. While I have no particularly intense feelings about her existence, on the balance of things, I’m likely glad that Elisabeth Moss, who did nothing to improve “Did you Hear About the Morgans?”, wasn’t part of filming. I’ll put Terrence Howard in that category too, I guess. It would have been nice to be behind Steve Buscemi at some coffee place and say to him, “You were really creepy in that movie with the dark hair girl from ‘American Beauty.'”

    Related, in a sense, I confess to being embarrassed that “Dateline NBC” will feature a story tonight on an undergrad who killed herself by jumping into the Rideau River at the suggestion, apparently, of some creep on “a chat room.” I confess to not knowing what a “chat room” is. I confess to being moderately annoyed by the amount of “psychological intervention” shit the administration has sent us since that girl jumped in the river. Evidently, not only am I an instructor to these children, but I’m also a guardian of their mental health–and I’m paid, essentially, poverty wages. I’ll care about their mental health when the university cares about my ability to pay rent.

    Comment by Craig | August 20, 2010

  16. I confess I didn’t know until Craig’s comment that they were making a movie version of “On the Road.” I confess that I really fucking hated that book.

    Comment by jms | August 20, 2010

  17. I confess that I only know about this movie because the local daily has alternated between “coverage” of the filming and an article in the National Inquirer suggesting that Mike and Carrie are “on the outs” all week long.

    Comment by Craig | August 20, 2010

  18. I confess that I found the cure to what ails me in this absolutely incredible Beastie Boys performance (with the Roots):

    So. Good.

    Comment by Hill | August 22, 2010

  19. I found myself getting hungry, almost ravenously so, around 10:30, when I’d prefer to eat lunch around noon. This week, I realized I could get around this by eating breakfast later in the morning.

    …or by, y’know, snacking when you’re hungry and not pretending your opinion about your GI tract’s workings is in any way meaningful. Right?

    Comment by Wax Banks | August 22, 2010

  20. Do you see Adam anywhere so pretending? Is it false that he could also just eat later?

    Comment by ben | August 22, 2010

  21. That was a weirdly hostile reaction to my attempt to space out my meals more effectively, Wax Banks — did your parents not allow you to snack or something?

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | August 23, 2010

  22. Yes, Ben, I was disappointed that you quit, but also was getting annoyed at having to keep responding on my own end.

    Comment by dbarber | August 23, 2010

  23. How dare you make an ironically self-absorbed remark in a post dedicated to ironic self-absorption… and on your own blog. Do you have any shame Kotsko? What sort of human being are you?

    Comment by Hill | August 23, 2010

  24. as for the 10.30 hunger, that’s about the time that the Spanish engage in almuerzo, a sort of snack in between breakfast and lunch (which admittedly is usually after 2 pm). So why not just rock both breakfast and almuerzo and appeal to the Spanish as justification?

    Comment by ken oakes | August 24, 2010

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