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Tuesday Hatred: Whereinall we differ not

I hate (as who would not?) not so much the time of the season as what it portends. Nose to the grindstone! I hate being overcome with fatigue at early hours, and, as ever, parking. I hate the fact that the power thing that I had for my CD player in my car, you know the type, they plug into the cigarette lighter, broke, after only a few months in my ownership (and I bought it new, too). I discovered the reason for my hospital-related woes which I reported last week—old checkbook, old account number—I hate that. Why didn’t I just get rid of the old book? Who knows, man. Who knows. I hate despair-inducing meetings of all stripes and the amount of mental energy coping with them, and doing revisions, takes. I hate that right now I’m missing a Sam Amidon concert.


September 14, 2010 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. i hate to embed directly youtubes so manai manai
    for bob mostly, cheers, however i hate to employ the concern troll in me

    Comment by read | September 14, 2010

  2. I hate how ill-prepared companies are for making a mistake in bill collection. I get collection calls that are never intended for me, and when I call to get the calls stopped it blows. their. minds. when I don’t have an account number and am in no way indebted to their employer.

    “Your name’s not in our system, sir.” I know that. That’s why I’m calling to make sure you don’t call anymore. Is there any way you can look up my phone number so you can delete it and quit calling me? “No, sir.” So because you have a wrong number, I have to just accept that somebody from your company is going to call three times a day forever? “I’m sorry, sir. There’s nothing I can do.” Who places these type of calls? Can I speak to somebody from that department? “Oh, that’s a good idea. I’ll transfer you sir.” Deep sigh.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | September 14, 2010

  3. Ah, the inherent efficiency of the private sector!

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | September 14, 2010

  4. I hate Google reader, which appears to have a monopoly of feedreading.

    I hate how I feel the internet has turned a corner, whereby Bloglines didn’t even contemplate turning it into a paid service, so it’s now a entirely corporate and ad-driven environment.

    Comment by Gabe | September 14, 2010

  5. I hate when I wear down high-heeled shoes to the nail. I hate that I never bother to take them to the cobbler because a) the shoes aren’t worth the cost of fixing b) cobbler is dessert.

    I hate that wearing such shoes does, much to my chagrin, improve my posture.

    Comment by ebolden | September 14, 2010

  6. I hate days getting shorter, mainly because it means nights get depressinly long.

    Comment by Earnest O'Nest | September 16, 2010

  7. I hate that I lost a contact lens inside my eye for like ten minutes this morning. Like, I could feel it in there, but couldn’t see it or figure out where it was. I was at the point where I had decided I was imagining feeling it inside, and I should just go and put in another lens, when it drifted back around to the front of my eyeball. It is so fucked and disturbing that this could happen — I literally lost a piece of plastic inside my eye socket. Also, my eye is all swole up now.

    Comment by jms | September 16, 2010

  8. i used to have problems with the contact lenses too, but then they advised me against using them and/or lasik or giving birth the natural way cz my retinae have some changes too, they say it looks like so thin and ready to detach
    so if the cornea will get some kind of trouble, it’s like doubled risk of losing the sight
    so these, on the right smile eye drops were the most helpful for me if i had pink eyes, they were getting resolved within just a few minutes after applying
    if you decide there was some ordering information there too

    Comment by read | September 16, 2010

  9. or giving birth the natural way cz my retinae have some changes too, they say it looks like so thin and ready to detach

    Holy cow, read. Can I ask what the cause of this is? Is it astigmatism? My optometrist once said my retinas are super thin, but didn’t elaborate much and didn’t caution me against wearing contacts or doing lasik (although I didn’t ever ask about the latter). Why would childbirth increase the risk of retinal detachment or corneal damage?

    Comment by jms | September 16, 2010

  10. because one have to do valsalva to give birth and it increases the intraocular pressure and the risk of retinal detachment increases they say, mine is due to severe myopia, 6&11 dptr
    if yours are thin too perhaps should try to avoid any possible damage like inflammation/scarring to the cornea too

    Comment by read | September 16, 2010

  11. god, with the risk of annoyng AK, one has to, sorry

    Comment by read | September 16, 2010

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