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Tuesday Hatred: Replacements

I hate the poverty of jobs and the early due dates for most applications thereto. (11/1 at the earliest, aside from one that with a due date of 10/27 but the entirely sensible policy of requiring for the first pass only a cover letter and a CV. Not that I have the first of those yet.) I hate also that I ruined my laptop by spilling coffee on it.


October 12, 2010 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate pouring milk or cream into coffee and only then realizing it’s gone off.

    Comment by ebolden | October 12, 2010

  2. I hate that the last three multi-day conferences I’ve been able to go to have been in Detroit, suburban Lansing, and Cleveland.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | October 12, 2010

  3. I suppose I should hate being sick, but it’s not so totally terrible. I kind of enjoy the weakness of it. I do love the first moment that I want coffee after being sick, which hasn’t come yet.

    Comment by k-sky | October 12, 2010

  4. a good strategy for writing cover letters is to find a free template and modify sentences however one likes, that’s how i learn writing official letters anyway
    just out of my mind i can’t construct any sentences, that empty it seems, native speakers’ minds are different perhaps, i mean, surely
    i hate when people do not acknowledge my advices however unwanted, irl it doesn’t happen too often thankfully cz i try to tell pretty sensible things only

    Comment by read | October 12, 2010

  5. All right, now I hate being sick.

    Comment by k-sky | October 13, 2010

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