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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Early

I confess that it has taken me until my second year of teaching to finally be ahead of the game enough to give the bookstore my book order in keeping with the (insane!) recent law requiring the book list to be available during registration (i.e., months earlier than necessary).

I confess that last weekend I had trouble sleeping one night, and my mind took the opportunity to drive me into a state of utter despair about my academic job prospects. In the scenario my mind devised, I would not get a tenure-track position, a postdoctoral fellowship, a short-term position — indeed, I would be unable even to get underpaid adjunct work at the University of Phoenix. My academic career would be radically and totally finished at the end of my time at Kalamazoo College. I found that in my half-awake state, I was mainly upset that all the time I’d spent doing applications would go to waste — for the most part, it was kind of a relief just to know for sure.

I confess that sometimes I check books out of the library with no concrete plans of reading or using them, just because it seems like it’d be nice to have them on hand. I also continually get hassled about the relative lack of books on the shelves in my office, so it helps for that.

I confess that I sent an e-mail to a friend who is on vacation in Australia not primarily out of a desire to check in on her, but instead because I became weirdly fixated on using the subject line “G’day Mate!” I understand that this action was inexcusable.

I confess that I ended a good run of cooking dinner for myself this week, but I hope to get back on the wagon next week. Keeping fresh vegetables on hand is tough when I’m gone three nights a week.


October 15, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. i confess i walk more with the car now than before, two blocks in the morning and evening, hope it’s like some kind of exercise for me

    Comment by read | October 15, 2010

  2. I confess after reading the worries in the UK of the non-wealthy being priced out of a humanistic education, I am still perplexed how the eye-wateringly expensive US system seems to have plenty of non-wealthy people studying, er, obscure topics.

    What is the differentiating factor, willingness/ lack of stigma about getting into debt? The prospect of a big pay off via well paid tenure? It’s odd that the home of neo-liberalism is also the home of, well, a flourishing philosophical-theological subculture.

    Comment by Gabe | October 15, 2010

  3. Hay man – you drive me to utter despair having published as much as you did in such a short time. So lighten up willya.

    Comment by Guido Nius | October 17, 2010

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