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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Love, exciting and new

I confess that this weekend I am going on a cruise with The Girlfriend and her family. Her mom pitched it as an alternative to Christmas, which was no longer fun in her opinion now that all her children are grown. I confess that I still maintain that this cruise could’ve been better scheduled, but hey — basically it’s a free cruise.

I confess that my eating habits left much to be desired during AAR, a pattern that is likely to repeat itself during the cruise. I’m definitely getting a head start on the outright assault on my body that is such an important part of Americans’ observance of holidays.

I confess that The Weblog’s traffic has fallen by 50% in the past year. Looking at the traffic graphs is downright depressing. AUFS is doing great, though — the last three months of traffic have been our top three months of all time, for instance.

November 5, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that I clicked through to this post from my RSS reader almost entirely because of the first sentence of the last paragraph in this post.

    Comment by transportinburma | November 5, 2010

  2. I confess that after watching a movie on Monday night (you’ll have to wait for next week’s MM to find out which), Mrs. K-sky and I were so pumped that we couldn’t sleep, and finally each took a Benadryl around 2 am.

    I confess that this was not the only recent night on which I couldn’t fall asleep, and that one one such night, questing for soporific, I perused titles on Netflix on Demand that included the word “sex”. I confess that “Strictly Sexual”, though not particularly sexy, features Anya from Buffy.

    I confess that I’m pleased with myself for following a Monday Movies comment that includes a Friday Confessional teaser with a Friday Confessional comment that includes a Monday Movies teaser.

    I confess that, while writing a letter to a woman who runs a show called “Candid Confessional”, I debated (but ruled against) mentioning my participation in this weekly ritual.

    Comment by k-sky | November 5, 2010

  3. i confess i don’t like cinnamon, feels like i eat something with toothpaste on it
    i confess i couldn’t watch Madmen’s dvd yesterday evening b/c was in a bad mood so perhaps entertainment requires one to be if not cheerful at least to be in non-agitated state

    Comment by read | November 5, 2010

  4. I confess that my work productivity has increased dramatically since Bravo has stopped showing 2 hours of The West Wing each morning. This confession would fit nicely in the Tuesday Hatred, too.

    Comment by Jon | November 5, 2010

  5. It must have been that unique blend of academic insight and everyday banality–or my TV post has driven them away.

    I confess that I have never been so horrified with my students as I was yesterday. Background: they found Max Weber really boring and wanted to know if next week’s reading would be more exciting. I told them I couldn’t promise they’d enjoy it any more, but Nietzsche is said to have died as a result of syphilis. One student: “You can die of syphilis?” I said, “Yes, and herpes is for life, man.” Another said: “Aren’t those sexually transmitted diseases?” A girl, “I thought herpes was what gave you cancer.” Another girl, “I’m immune to herpes.” Me, “Then you’re a medical marvel.” Chances are my seventeen and eighteen year old students are going to have some kind of sexual contact in the next few weeks and don’t even know what diseases they are exposed to and what they can do to protect themselves. Is it my responsibility to have a public health nurse come into class and explain it to them?

    Comment by Craig | November 5, 2010

  6. Just make sure that they’re having sex under your close personal supervision, and they’ll be fine.

    Comment by Robert Halford | November 5, 2010

  7. I’ll pass on that suggestion, thanks.

    Comment by Craig | November 5, 2010

  8. So, truth does beat beauty.

    Comment by Guido Nius | November 6, 2010

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