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Wednesday Food: New York Drinks Beer

I passed the last week in New York for work.  It was my fifth trip of the same purpose, this time with two addenda to my usual itinerary: 1) get to Brooklyn 2) find and drink delicious beer.  I happily achieved both goals.

On the first night I headed south from the Upper East Side (which, save a few excellent museums and historical sites, is devoid of interesting cultural distractions, and populated primarily by assholes) to the Ginger Man on 36th street.  I’d heard of the Austin counterpart from friends who attended SXSW.  Nearing 11 on a Thursday night I captured the single remaining seat at the bar and caught hold of the beer menu– nearly 70 draft selections, 120 bottles, and 2 casked beers.  Always a sucker for big and hoppy, I first enjoyed the Captain Lawrence IIPA followed by Left Hand’s Twin Sisters IIPA, casked.  Both were excellent but it was really Captain Lawrence which satisfied my urge to be smacked upside the head with pine bough bitterness.

The following evening I met a friend for dinner in Brooklyn and then set off for drinks at Bierkraft.  Until recently they were entirely retail but then expanded to accommodate patrons looking to imbibe their purchases.  The counter service was excruciatingly slow, but they too offered a casked selection so it was worth the wait.  We ended the evening at Franklin Park in Prospect Heights– decent beer, solid bourbon, lovely patio, but a little too “cool” for me.  But then, Brooklyn in general may be too “cool” for me.

My last night out was at Blind Tiger Ale House— a small, popular bar in the West Village with a fireplace and den-like atmosphere.  Our cab ride resulted in a fender-bender in the middle of Times Square so by the time we arrived at the bar we were shaky and desperate for a drink.  For the third time that week I couldn’t resist taking advantage of the cask menu and selected Victory Brewing’s Glory and a Brooklyn Lager for my Dutch friend.  My week in beer came full circle with a brief return to Ginger Man where a Smuttynose Barleywine proved to be a fine nightcap.

Tomorrow I’m off to Pinnacles National Monument, then I’ll see if Los Angeles has any beer to offer.


November 10, 2010 - Posted by | Wednesday Food

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  1. Wow, Glory is my new favorite beer and I can only imagine it was killer on the cask! Gotta get to Blind Tiger!

    Comment by Pete | November 14, 2010

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