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Spoiler Alert Thursday: No Bad Smells Here

As always, the interaction between Dean and Castiel was fantastic in “Supernatural” this past week: “Your problems always come first, Dean.” I believe I correctly predicted that Crowley was most likely responsible for Sam’s soul-less status. The “alpha” vampire kind of sucked. One hopes the more or less gnostic tone of the season continues.

The past two episodes of “Dexter” have been comparatively good, although I thought the most recent episode was weaker than the one before that. I liked Angel in the second season when he was going through his personal hell; he’s less likable when he’s happy and/or fighting with Maria. In many ways, Maria is even less tolerable than Rita was. Should Maria get canned for basically being incompetent, Dexter will surely be in trouble given that her faith in Dexter is unwavering–he’s the only competent member of her unit.

“The Walking Dead” was much better this week than last week. It remains unclear to me why we spent so much time with the black father and son in the first episode if we didn’t bother to return to them in the second episode. I have to assume that the people who found the main character in Atlanta are completely stupid given that they apparently failed to make the connection between his cop’s uniform and the guy boning his wife back at the camp.

I have no immediate objection to the “this universe; that universe” format “Fringe” is following. However, some more concrete background on what’s happening there would be helpful, otherwise the crisis-of-the-week is just filler. Presumably, at some point, it will be revealed that Walter’s crossing over into the alternate universe was not actually the cause of decay of the alternate universe. Walternate is far less interesting than Walter.

While more appropriate to next week, I don’t look forward to the return of “Wil” (like that is a real name–“Ke$ha” is more believable than that) Wheaton to “The Big Bang Theory.” I look forward to the episode(s) that Penny will not be in given her horse riding injury (which I only read about on DListed or somesuch this week). Of course, because I already do my best to block Penny out, these episodes may have already aired. The downside to Penny-less episodes is that there will be nothing that will make Leonard comparatively tolerable. With respect to last week’s episode: (1) do people actually like Faith? Like, for real? (2) do people actually think she is talented? Like, for real? And, (3), do people actually find her to be talented as an actress? Like, for real? I can see why Starbuck has no option but to do cameo’s–in full flight suit on “The Big Bang Theory”–but that is sad in an endearing sort of way. (Can’t wait for ComiCon 2040 when Richard Hatch is wheeled out for one last autograph signing and Starbuck is the guest of honor.)

Once again, I’d like to register my complaint about “Caprica” being canceled. “Grey’s Anatomy” has been on for like a decade–that keeps going, but not “Caprica”? Let’s not even get started with “Private Practice.” “Criminal Minds” remains the second most insulting show currently on television. The honor for most insulting goes to “House.” Haven’t watched an episode in years (since all those people had to wear numbers on their backs) and it is like I missed nothing! I’m not sure why AmTam didn’t shank House–or the middle-aged man who is always whining–with a scalpel.


November 11, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. I disagree about The Walking Dead. The first episode was masterfully done, I thought, and the second resorted to some cheap gimmicks and also exposed some bad acting. I’ve read that the second episode is the worst of the season, which I generally take to be a good sign (don’t get me wrong, I thought it was still a solid episode, and it’s a little pointless for me to whine about acting in a zombie series).

    I thought Dexter was really good, especially as a sort of typical set-up episode. I find the Julia Stiles character to be really likeable, and more importantly, I think she opens up some interesting possibilities for Dexter’s character. I suspected/hoped they would keep playing on this sexual tension, and it’s more dramatic because she is in a way more intimate with Dexter even though they are not yet romantically involved. The one thing I can’t remember is how much Lila knew about Dexter back in season 2.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | November 12, 2010

  2. With the second episode, it became a zombie movie in television format–complete with group dissolution and the indirect killing of the bully. The main problem with the series thus far is that none of the characters are especially compelling: I’m cheering for the zombies. And, if not them, whoever made the virus.

    With respect to “Dexter,” it is clear that we have an opportunity to transmit Harry’s rules. I think Lila–despite how clearly dumb she was–managed to deduce that Dexter killed rather than being told outright. But I’ve done my best to block her out of my mind. I felt like my eyes were getting herpes just seeing her.

    Comment by Craig | November 12, 2010

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