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Friday Afternoon Confessional: Suggestions

I confess that in my classes, I have a running gag of claiming that I’m going to “write a letter” to have something changed — most often, I’m writing these hypothetical letters to the pope, given that I’m teaching theology. I confess that this week, I did finally “write a letter” with two of my suggestions for the CTA, both relating to the Damen bus:

  1. The southbound Brown Line stop should be moved closer to the tracks — the current position requires people to walk across a gas station parking lot to make the transfer. This seems like a slam dunk to me.
  2. The north end of the route should be changed so that it goes down Lawrence rather than Foster between Damen and Ashland, allowing for a connection with the Ravenswood Metra — I confess, though, that I felt some serious hesitation when I thought about the fact that the current routing allows it to serve a high school, which may be a bigger priority than the Metra station. But I sent it anyway, because I don’t want to be like Obama and make preemptive concessions all the time.

I confess that if either of these changes gets made, it will confirm to me that I have “clout” — something I first demonstrated by getting a KFC shut down back when I was living with Anthony and Hayley. Of course, my intention was for the city to buy the land and turn it into a park when the KFC (which was disgusting) got shut down (for smelling like a toilet), so my clout only extends so far.

I confess that I find it a little annoying that Christmas and New Year’s fall on Saturday this year. I confess that I’ve made tentative plans with The Girlfriend for New Year’s, namely to watch MacGyver all night and go to sleep well before the ball drops — but I confess that I always find it difficult to ignore holidays, even when I don’t want to celebrate them. We’ve started a nice new tradition for patriotic summer holidays, though, where we make “fancy” hot dogs somewhat reminiscent of the menu at Hot Doug’s. Horseraddish, arugula, and shredded Swiss cheese makes for a tasty hot dog.


November 19, 2010 - Posted by | Friday Afternoon Confessional


  1. I confess that while I’ve stated my offering to volunteer for my county’s land bank is not in order to seek out a related job, I would be ecstatic if doing so led to one.

    I confess I miss having parties and my friends having parties. I know for us, we’re just too lazy to clean up our basement, which is a requisite for having a big party. But we used to go to our friends’ parties several times a year. Does everybody quit having parties as they age? Is this another thing I can blame on children?

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | November 19, 2010

  2. otoh Thanksgiving i see a very long holiday, from Thursday, too long holidays are disrupting to one’s flow of daily routine ime, if three days are okay, more than that it’s tiring

    Comment by read | November 19, 2010

  3. I also confess I’m hoping – not expecting, just hoping – to see Mammoth and Mastodon on a cruise ship. The image just strikes me as funny.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | November 19, 2010

  4. I confess that I hope the Chicago deep-dish pizza I had from Burt’s this weekend was my last ever. I’m over it, Chicago. A few visits ago, I tried Great Lake and it tasted like pizza should.

    I further confess to having previously demonstrated a fondness for Lou Malnati’s, even demanding that my time in Chicago include a visit there.

    I further confess to having had an otherwise excellent food weekend with you, Chicago, including a terrific dinner at Mexique, noodle Sunday at Takashi, and pies from both Hoosier Mama and the Achatz family via Whole Foods.

    I confess that as we walked down Chicago Avenue towards Hoosier Mama, we stumbled upon a chicken store. My mother recognized it as having once been my paternal grandfather’s chicken store.

    I further confess that said chicken store was known to one of my mother’s relatives, also Chicago born, as “Chicken Auschwitz”.

    Comment by k-sky | November 22, 2010

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