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Spoiler Alert Thursday

I’ll say it: the season finale of “The Walking Dead” was really boring and basically pointless. Spend half an episode to get to the CDC, spend another three quarters walking around the CDC, and then the last quarter trying to get out before it explodes. Really, it was the worst “info dump” in the history of television. I dare you to name a more poorly executed info dump. The Last Psychiatrist has an interesting post on the show. (Unlike me, he has an explanation for why the characters are culturally ignorant of zombies, but know how to kill them.)

I’ll say it: “Dexter” continues to be, by far, the best season yet, easily topping the previous season with the ultra-creepy “Trinity Killer.”

“Fringe” was a bit anti-climatic. Spend half a season getting Olivia back to “this” universe and all that happens, really, is that Alternate Daniels is killed off and the guy from the typewriter store gets his mobility restored?

I am very disappointed that (1) they reintroduced Meg and (2) killed Crowley in “Supernatural” this past week. He was a good demon. Likely the best one, other than Lucifer, in the show thus far. Although, technically, Lucifer wasn’t a demon. It is also kind of crazy that we spent all this time trying to “find Purgatory” and then kill off the character leading this hunt?


December 9, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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  1. That’s a bold claim about Dexter, but I like it. I’m thinking that this season will have rewatchability based on the character dynamics, which are the most interesting part of the show, anyways. I thought last week’s episode was a bit weaker than the week before, but that’s not really a slight, because I really think that the week before may have been the best episode in the series.

    Can’t wait for Sunday!

    As for the Walking Dead, it was overall very lackluster after a pretty promising premiere. I think I care about the characters more than you do, but I can’t blame you because both the writing and acting are average. There was a report that the writers all got fired, but I saw another report that said that was false. I’m interested enough in the premise and saw some sparks of potential, so I’ll probably give season two a try when it comes on, but I’m not sure I’ll have as much patience then. I am hoping that part of the reason this season was bad is the six episode set, which is way too small to cover the initial sequence of comics. I have a hope that if they had done a full 12 or 13 episode season, things would have gone smoother.

    Comment by Dave Mesing | December 10, 2010

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