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Tuesday Hatred: Dereliction of Duty

I hate it when Ben forgets to do the hatred. I hate that my primary shoes so easily pick up salt stains, particularly (weirdly enough) the right shoe of the pair. I’ve decided, however, that since I’m going to be doing such a huge amount of walking in Kalamazoo next quarter, I’m just going to wear them until they wear out rather than buying new for now. I hate the inconsistency in how seriously homeowners in Kalamazoo take their duty to clear their sidewalks. I hate how frequently they allow their dogs to shit in the middle of the sidewalk, too, without picking it up.

I hate the thought of being unjustly foreclosed on — reading the nightmare accounts of the person who got foreclosed despite having paid for their house in cash and therefore not having a mortgage at all, or the various accounts of renters whose homes are foreclosed out from under them (shouldn’t the bank have to respect the lease?!), often makes me viscerally angry in a way that only abject injustice can. The vast overreactions of police officers to peaceful protest can also do that to me. Seeing quasi-militarized police squadrons facing down a bunch of kids in jeans and t-shirts is just appalling. I hate those situations where a powerful person is in the wrong and you know with absolute certainty that they will never pay anything like a price proportionate to the damage they’re causing.

I hate the continued existence of the fillibuster in the Senate. I hate that there are people who fear democracy might be harmed if an already disproportionate legislative body was forced to operate under bizarre and unheard-of “majority vote” rules. I hate that things probably wouldn’t be that much better if the fillibuster were abolished, though. I hate that Democrats insist on making preemptive capitulations to try to prevent Republicans from criticizing them, whne it’s been clear for decades that the Republicans are comfortable with simply lying or making shit up.

I hate my prodigious ability to waste time on the internet. I hate that I nonetheless seem to get a ton of stuff done despite this habit — surely I should somehow suffer for wasting time. And I do suffer, whenever I let myself get drawn into a dumb argument. I hate how hard I find it to resist responding when people seem to be missing my point, as though understanding The Adam Kotsko Position is a really important thing. At the same time, everyone’s constantly telling me how clear my writing is, so this persistence of misunderstanding is difficult for me to accept. I try! Or at least I try to try.


December 14, 2010 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. I hate the rate at which the needle moves on my car’s gas gauge once it gets to less than half a tank of gas. In a matter of a day I go from having a half-tank of gas to hearing the low fuel ding.

    I hate how easily I succumb to the text marketing from my local Chick-fil-A. Today’s deal: buy any combo and a dessert and get a free calendar featuring coupons valuing over $30 in free product.

    I hate when zippers catch in my beard.

    Comment by Jon | December 14, 2010

  2. I hate the cloud of free-floating anxiety which has been overhanging me for the past couple weeks. Basically I’m super anxious all the time, but the form my anxiety takes changes as it condenses over any possible factual predicate in my life. It’s unpleasant enough when the factual predicate is one that would be reasonably anxiety-provoking anyway — today’s hearing, for instance — but absent a rational focus, my anxiety will settle on virtually anything, which can get downright ridiculous. Like this weekend, because I didn’t have enough real things in my life to freak out over, I woke up one morning suddenly convinced that an otherwise perfectly neutral and amiable conversation with an acquaintance, which had taken place days before, had in fact gone horribly awry and that I had fucked up our friendship in a mysterious and irredeemable way. Read, this is your cue to tell me that this is actually a symptom of brain cancer.

    Comment by jms | December 14, 2010

  3. i didn’t watch any movies last week cz hated the one i started earlier in the week, so returned the dvd w/o watching
    that was a french movie that felt as if it was an american indie, so slow and very observing like, at first i was watching okay, a guy was ferry traveling through la mansh and i recalled my own ferry trips, thinking everything looks pretty similar something
    and then he meets a woman he was going to have a romance with, i guess, by the plot and she was the most annoying kind, couldn’t get through her staring at him when he was eating, it’s like the whole 3-5 mins of the movie, felt like that long at least, must be nobody told her it’s rude to stare at people or she’s the kind who puts her shoe-ed/booted feet on the chair in the public places feeling, must be, that entitled
    i recalled watching two such blonde belles in the mall, they left their trays and trash on the table, while everybody was taking theirs to the trash stands, the rules are written not for them so looked like

    Comment by read | December 14, 2010

  4. la manche it’s spelled like
    well, the other month i worried about my niece might have hypophysis abnormality, cz her tsh was low, but t3 and t4 normal so i recalled every possible symptom, but the repeated test was okay, so for now i’m resolved to not worry about it
    she sometimes complained about headache and double vision, but it was long ago, so it was not unfounded

    Comment by read | December 14, 2010

  5. bstantively (“a gay”; “gays”). Likewise “female”, at least when the referent is humans.

    Comment by ben | December 14, 2010

  6. If the filibuster didn’t exist, Democrats would have to invent it. They’re not capitulating; they’re looking for excuses to do what they always do – serve their corporate constituents, rather than the people who ostensibly elected them.

    Comment by stras | December 14, 2010

  7. At the same time, everyone’s constantly telling me how clear my writing is

    I hate that I cannot assess this proposition for myself because although my copy of Gamesmanship by Stephen Potter arrived from The Book Depository today, the copy of Awkwardness that I ordered with it somehow did not. I hate that in its own right.

    Comment by k-sky | December 14, 2010

  8. I hate that I drew Adam et al into a bit of a dumb argument about surplus value. In my efforts to get to grips with the new-fangled young person’s version of communism, the biggest problem is not the clarity of the writing, but the fundamental level of uncertainty inherent in the concepts being written about. Asking for a clearer picture of what this communism would look like and why it would be better than social democracy as we know it (e.g., the students in the UK are simply asking for a similar level of benefits that existed at the start of the 1990s, i.e. hardly revolutionary) is like asking a mathematician to divide by zero and demanding a simple answer. It doesn’t matter how clearly you write about it, the lack of an answer is part of the theory, which is quite tough to comprehend (for me).

    Comment by Gabe | December 15, 2010

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