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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Being the Christmas season, there was nothing new on this week–at least that we watched. Consequently, our watching was limited to Christmas-time Will Ferrell Movie-a-thon and various On Demand offerings. Among the latter was “Adventures in Raw” hosted by some crazy lady and produced by Cogeco Sarnia–a second rate town and a second rate cable company. Overall, the production values of this show make the original “Wayne’s World” sketches (or, if you were of the right age in the right catchment area, the original “Tom Green Show” on Rogers Ottawa) seem exceptionally well done. Basically, the lady is crazy and says crazy things, but the show isn’t as crazy as her website. While it is undeniable that being vegan is a moral baseline for any civilized person, she adds in a whole whack of nutjob, which is obviously unfortunate. Of the six episodes in the series, we have one and a half to go. Can’t wait. Journey well, my friends.

December 30, 2010 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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