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Monday Movies: Repeat

This weekend all we watched was Yojimbo, the prototype for last week’s Fistful of Dollars. I had seen it before but paid little attention — this time it seemed basically as entertaining as the Clint Eastwood adaptation, and different enough to be worth watching. But I agree with one of The Girlfriend’s criticisms: the plot is too convoluted.

What did you watch, dear readers?


January 9, 2011 - Posted by | Monday Movies


  1. Out of morbid curiosity, my wife and I watched “The Happening”. It’s easy to see where Andy Samberg gets his Mark Wahlberg imitation from. It’s also easy to see Wahlberg will never, ever play a teacher or scientist or anything in that vein again – ever.

    Shyamalan did a decent job with setting up drama and “Holy crap, what’s going on?” scenes, but he just doesn’t think this stuff through. I was also amazed at how tone deaf and bizarre the dialog was. Alas, I’m spending too many words knocking a movie that was roundly agreed to be awful.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | January 10, 2011

  2. i watched three French comedies, Let it run, very good and funny, highly recommend it, about making a documentary about a young woman politician
    My best friend, felt good too
    We move soon i think i forget, it was okay, just felt too like trying hard, all the movies i watched so far with the lead actress feels like that, i don’t know why though
    i thought i like the french movies bc their actors have real human faces, not all like the cinema proof beauty etalons, maybe they even consciously doing that, ‘selecting’ not beautiful faces

    Comment by read | January 10, 2011

  3. are doing that,
    the next dvd to come will be _ The Early spring_ though

    Comment by read | January 10, 2011

  4. For a man who’s been sick five days, I’ve watched pitifully few movies. Lots of Hulu, though. I keep pestering Mrs. K-sky to watch the sheepherding documentary with me, but she hasn’t been game yet. Sweetgrass, I think.

    Comment by k-sky | January 10, 2011

  5. True Grit was mostly great, but I thought it was diminished by the sappy epilogue, the Dances with Wolves-esque score and a couple of hackneyed plot twists. I blame Spielberg for everything I disliked about it.

    Also saw Dogtooth, which had one of the best endings I’ve seen in a while, though I was mildly disappointed that the movie was not nearly as deranged as advertised.

    Comment by toops | January 10, 2011

  6. “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” I’d rather not be forced to read the movies I watch, especially when the translation of the subtitles is often really off. (A company in Montreal is credited with the subtitles, so this is really odd–but maybe they just inserted them over the movie.) For instance, calling gas “petrol” or mom “Mum” or, worse, the passage on not suffering a witch being rendered as not suffering a medium. All of this is especially egregious given that this movie was already made twice by Tom Hanks–minus the sexual violence, I guess–in the past few years.

    “Hot Tub Time Machine.” The title says “stupid” and John Cusack as the star says “sad,” but actually rather enjoyable, all things considered (e.g., Chevy Chase). The young male who was also in “Kick Ass” is reminiscent of a cross between a young Dwight Schrute and the only picture of APS that I’ve ever seen. (Does APS still read this site?)

    Comment by Craig | January 11, 2011

  7. i’m watching The end of summer now and feel really bad that i hurt BMcM’s feelings, sorry
    the movie feels so pure and nostalgic, everything is so new and clean and hopeful, the economic boom after the war, now just at the first scenes, but the young office workers singing together at the nomikai felt really very even like childish, that innocent
    i understand his adoration, i like great many things Japanese too, their perseverance, their great artistic taste, their ability to make or improve things to perfection, and what i mentioned negative things can’t be said about the whole country, and basically i feel always admiration and gratitude etc and that’s in the human nature to be resentful of being grateful, perhaps
    and it’s not my business really to try to disillusion anyone from anything
    i hope, BMcM, you would resume writing about your movie watching experiences, i always enjoyed reading them
    it could be though, my being ‘just’ me is not enough to make that possible, that’s a pity and pretty hurtful too, so we are even then

    Comment by read | January 11, 2011

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