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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Apologies for missing last week, but that’s alright: other than “Human Target,” there was nothing on.

“Human Target.” Obviously, before the end of the season, Ilsa and Chance are going to become romantically involved, especially now that she’s killed someone. I liked the story in the second episode involving Guerrero, Winston and Buster from “Arrested Development” (Ames’ involvement not so much). I didn’t care so much for the Ilsa/Chance story from the same episode, in large part because I hate Ilsa Pucci.

“Luther.” Which, unfortunately, brings me to this BBC show: everything was going good–Stringer Bell in his original accent (?) as a troubled, but genius cop, occasionally saying things (minus that word absent from that new edition of “Huck Finn”) straight from the streets of Baltimore. And then Ilsa fucking Pucci shows up as his estranged wife. Really? Did they have to do that to me? It seems she plays one character: fairly to really wealthy do-gooder. “Humanitarian philanthropist” on “Human Target” and “international human rights lawyer” on “Luther.” The mouth on the murderer was seriously fucked up. I hope we put that arc to sleep soon.

“The Cape.” We had absolutely no intention of ever watching this show, but last week or so, Blythe noticed that Franklin the vampire was in one of the commercials, so that was something. We resolved to watch it with dinner understanding that we were only committed to the first of the two episodes playing. We were much relieved when we saw the opening credits: Cameron the Terminator and Vinnie Jones the insane killer from Guy Ritchie movies, in addition to the aforementioned Franklin the vampire. It would seem that Franklin’s acting abilities are limited to the criminally deranged, but at least it is a tolerable character (c.f., Ilsa Pucci/Mrs. Luther). The main question I have, though, is why they went with Parminder K. Nagra’s rejected Australian boyfriend from “ER” as The Cape and not Helo? I worry for Helo: he was in that episode of “Human Target” for all of two minutes.


January 13, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. i got the digital comcast tv promo now that i’m planning to use around 1-2-3 am, so perhaps i could follow the posts here from now on if will get to see the programs of course, or reruns
    but according to the yesterday’s experience was just browsing and counting the channels for 30 sec-1 min or less each, most were further subscription channels

    Comment by read | January 13, 2011

  2. The Girlfriend and I are casting about for a new show to watch on DVD, so this weekend we tried the first disc of Northern Exposure and Friday Night Lights. Both were watchable, reasonably entertaining, and nothing I would ever seek out again.

    I also watched the premier of The Event on demand, and wow — it’s like they sat down and brainstormed how to combine the worst parts of 24, Damages, and V. One of my twitterers called it the worst show ever, and I’m willing to take their word for it.

    Here’s a question for everyone: why are there no new episodes of any shows lately? Is it that they don’t want to waste them during football season? We’re all depressed enough in January without having to sit through reruns.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | January 13, 2011

  3. The answer is clearly football. Those of us who don’t watch it are useless. Anyone know why “Human Target” wad pre-empted last night?

    Comment by Craig | January 13, 2011

  4. Sorry Friday Night Lights didn’t grab you. I think it’s the best show on and I’m sad it’s coming to an end (though it’s probably time). The relationship between Coach and Tami is the only adult heterosexual relationship on television.

    Comment by k-sky | January 13, 2011

  5. I enjoyed Bob’s Burgers on Sunday. I must just find something funny about H. Jon Benjamin’s voice because I’ve enjoyed just about every show he’s voiced for (Ben on Dr. Katz, Archer on Archer, the gas station clerk in Family Guy and now Bob on Bob’s Burgers).

    Comment by mattintoledo | January 13, 2011

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