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Spoiler Alert Thursday

While “The Cape” was moderately enjoyable last week, it was somewhat uninteresting this week. Admittedly, I had my computer on my lap while the show was on and was kind-of doing work. But that doesn’t explain it. A hypothesis has been suggested: Cameron the Terminator and Ames the Thief should swap roles: Ames would become Orwell on “The Cape” and Cameron would become Ames on “Human Target.” This would be a major victory for “Human Target” and would mean that we don’t have to watch “The Cape.”

“Human Target” was preempted last week because of that idiot in Arizona forcing the episodes to be broadcast on Friday night. The first episode was rather boring, largely because it was about Ilsa and her sister: no one cares. Guerrero was funny when he was using morse code to communicate with Winston. If you want the joke, watch the episode. But, really, it involved a light on a gun, morse code, and a comparison to a certain type of mobile home. Great stuff. In the second episode, Harry Morgan/Tom Zarek’s second was amusing as a prison warden running a meth lab. Even more amusing was when Chance imitated his bad Southern accent with an equally bad Southern accent. Show is likely not returning for a third season: two week hiatus and then new episodes will air on Mondays and then Wednesdays. Fox is absolutely insane: no one will watch a show if they don’t know when it is on.

“General Hospital.” How long can the drag it out that the lawyer and the Balkan are one and the same person? And won’t someone just kill Lisa, maybe Johnny?


January 20, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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