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Spoiler Alert Thursday

“Saturday Night Live”–Never seen Nicki Minaj perform on TV and the songs I’ve heard on the radio weren’t particularly impressive, which is a shame, because that Young Money song was really good. Anyway, between the music, lyrics and costumes, she basically seems to be–at risk of offending delicate sensibilities–“Lady Ghetto.” As one might imagine, “Saturday Night Live” itself wasn’t worth watching. In fact, we muted the show and turned on the volume for the commercials; the complete opposite of how we normally watch TV. The “appearance” by the Facebook guy certainly didn’t incline me to ever want to make use of his website.

“General Hospital”–Michael admitted being prison raped to a teary-eyed Stone Cold on Monday. So, three out of four children in that family dealing with PTSD. Are the writers in a rut? (And, can we re-cast Molly and the girl who looks like an alien from “X-Files”?)

“The Office”–when Erin was first introduced, she seemed downright dumb. Apparently they’ve downgraded her to full-on developmentally delayed. Won’t watch this fiasco of a show until the four Will Ferrel episodes. Given the late-ness of this post, it seems appropriate to comment on the most recent episode: terrible and stupid. I didn’t get it. Thursday is easily the worst night for TV.

“Parks & Recreation”–I wouldn’t be surprised if we were the only people to “watch” that show last night. It is so bad that it makes “The Office” look good, and that is saying something (see above). Likely the only stupider show on that night is “30 Rock.”

“Episodes”–Basically, what “Joey” could have been. The network people: intolerable. The British people: intolerable. Joey/Matt Leblanc: comparatively funny. Although the British guy had one funny-ish joke when going over the list of casting suggestions, not recognizing any names, he said something to the effect of “and something called a Dushku.” Hilarious.

“Luther”–While Alice’s personality, crazy (in the absolutely psycho sense of crazy) and all, is somewhat endearing, her mouth, quite honestly, scares the shit out of me. That mouth alone makes this show a horror show rather than a police procedural.

“Fringe”–It didn’t seem like a whole lot happened: Peter secretly killed a bunch of shapeshifters and learnt nothing of use at all. Kind of pointless. No wonder they are going to cancel the show. (Wrote the previous sentence on the weekend: I saw this week that it won the night, especially in the “key” 18-49 demographic. Pulling a Mulder, so to speak.) Rather than a 22 episode season (why is this the norm for networks?) why not reduce it to 12-15? It isn’t coincidental that high quality programs (e.g., HBO) tend to be 10-12 episodes per season.

“Spartacus”–That one guy sure was a creep, in the pervy sense of creep. And the Syrian’s penis looked diseased. Really gross.

“NCIS”–I’m finding this season to be rather boring. I used to like this show. I guess not so much anymore.

“Human Target”–on twice this week with the finale next week. Doesn’t bode well for the future of this show, which is horrible because it is the best “stupid” show on TV right now. Not especially intelligent, but it isn’t so dumb that it is distracting (c.f., “The Cape”). Didn’t I say when they announced new characters that one would be a romantic interest for Chance? Looks like he got Ilsa’s Pucci this week. Hardly a surprise. What was a surprise is that it wasn’t a greedy lawyer who was behind Ilsa’s husband’s death, but some sort of conspiracy. Really? Can’t we just save rich people from themselves every week, do some awesome karate, and have some homoerotic banter between Winston and Guerrero?


February 3, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays

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  1. i confess i again didn’t watch any tv last week, except spongebob which i didn’t finished the episode cz felt like kind of offended, then afterwards thought am i losing my mind, a kids’ cartoon and i find something to criticize

    Comment by read | February 4, 2011

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