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Wednesday Food: Sublime Vegan Pot Pie

What a shortsighted omnivore I am.  The savory pies I’ve heretofore encountered have always relied on a sturdy meat foundation: beef, chicken, lamb, duck, even seafood. I didn’t anticipate how equally hearty and satisfying a vegetarian pot pie would be, and how it would translate to vegan without a hitch.

The easy substitutions for reimagining vegetable pot pie in vegan form are the replacement of olive oil for butter, soy milk/ creamer for dairy, and vegetable for chicken stock.  The recipe I used as framework– from the portly maven of pot pies and popped collars–  employs a basic flour, butter, shortening crust, but you can use margarine or more shortening in lieu of butter.  Another alternative is to wave off the pastry and do as the shepherds do with a mashed potato lid.

Had I made a traditional meat recipe I would have used a stout or porter for pairing and in the dish.  Because the flavor scope of the vegan variation is lighter, a simpler beer is called for.  Anchor Steam is mild in both hop and malt, and has a smooth quality of bread or biscuit that goes nicely with the filling and crust.  Replace a cup of stock with beer and the meal introduces your brew before you even drink it.  The subtle taste of anise from the fennel bulb is especially nice with a lightly hopped beer.

‘Tis she that from each transient pleasure/ Extracts a lasting good;/ ‘Tis she that finds, in summer treasure/ To serve for winter’s food. -C. Brontë


February 9, 2011 - Posted by | Wednesday Food


  1. Nice post! This looks hearty, delicious, and nourishing. Thanks for the “lasting good”! Have you considered incorporating leeks? What would you recommend as a side to this?

    Comment by Gabe | February 13, 2011

  2. I felt inspired by the great pic (of your great pot pie, that I think can compete with any ‘creations’ I have seen in cooking courses), and I tried to make something similar last weekend. I am not such a specialist as you obviously are, and have used ready made(bought) feuilletage (classic puff pastry) for the ‘lid’. My vegan guests were delighted by the new idea to serve (same boring, in my words) vegetables’ stew in a ‘new look’, especially as I have added beer to it.
    I haven’t told it was an idea from ‘ebolden’ – and now I have (sort of) remorses… but I promise to tell them next time I will copy a cooking/serving idea from here.

    Comment by grrl_visitor | February 14, 2011

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