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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Completely forgot it was Thursday!

“Fringe” As I write this, I have very few memories of the episode. Oh, right: crack between the two universes prompting Walter to wonder if he’ll have to develop a substance similar to the “amber” used in the alternate dimension to plug up cracks. First question: why are there cracks on the other side, but not on this side? Presumably–and I’m not a cosmologist–a crack would appear on both sides at the same time, even if the “surface” isn’t ruptured on both sides. Second question: Walter figures out that one of the first fringe cases they did involved a substance similar to amber. It was perpetrated by the ZFT, which was apparently founded by Spock, who lived on “the other side.” The obvious question, therefore, is whether the techno-attacks called “the Pattern” was actually means of technological transfer between the two universes; e.g., eventually “this side” would need the amber, no one had thought to develop it, so it was used in a terror attack so as to “transfer” the technology from one universe to the next and, ultimately, into Walter’s possession. Third question: why didn’t Spock just give the technology to Nina or Walter? (Oh, and will Peter knock up Olivia and Fauxlivia?) I’m not looking forward to this week’s “young Peter and young Olivia” episode, although I do like the hair on retro-Walter.

“Supernatural” Basically, animated mannequins and dolls are the scariest things ever. (See the first pages of Thomas Ligotti’s “The Conspiracy Against the Human Race” for more on that point.) Looking forward to the next episode.

“Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” Was expecting the death of Titus, but was not expecting (not that it really matters) Diona to escape, nor was I expecting the manner in which Melitta died (although her death was expected). Was also not expecting Gannicus to be sold. The question here, I suppose, is whether Crixus fights Gannicus in the primus (thus killing Gannicus) or if the House of Battiatus is limited to before-noon fights and Crixus cripples Ashur. I must admit, I am looking forward to Ashur’s injury because I really don’t like him, as is the only sensible thing to do relative to him.

“House” Overheard a few minutes of the episode. A few comments. First, that show is still on? Second, who watches that show? And, third, Molly Corinthos is even more annoying when she is not Molly than when she is Molly.

“General Hospital” Glad that the Balkan story is coming to end and super-glad that “death artist” Franco is returning to Port Charles tomorrow.


February 24, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. Just reached Season 4 of House. My writing partner and I have a working theory about fiction following non-fiction on TV (Idol begets Glee, Survivor begets Lost, HGTV is next and guess what? we have a pitch for it!) and I will have to incorporate this into it.

    Comment by k-sky | February 24, 2011

  2. If you were thinking Food Network, they already did that and cancelled it after four episodes. Not even Xander could save that one. Hard to believe, I know. Plus, they also did it with Dawson Creek.

    Comment by Craig McFarlane | February 24, 2011

  3. A few comments. First, that show is still on? Second, who watches that show?

    To be honest, this is my reaction to all shows regularly discussed in the main post of Spoiler Alert Thursday.

    Comment by stras | February 26, 2011

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