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Spoiler Alert Thursday

A very slow week for TV.

“Supernatural” As I mentioned in my post last week–which I suspect no one read–this week’s episode of “Supernatural” was somewhat of a downer. Here’s some spoilers, because that’s what we do here. Director Skinner: dead. Director Skinner’s niece or whatever: dead. And, most tragic of all, Rufus: dead. Oh, and Bobby: almost dead, but since recovered. One gets the impression that either the showrunners have some women-issues (Lilith and now Eve) or it is all a hilarious send-up of the primeval association between women and evil.

“Breakout Kings” While it was nice to see Herc basically reprise the role of Herc, albeit somehow slightly more intelligent, the show as such sucked balls. The promo for the season has the showrunner saying something like, “We want to make a show you will want to watch next week.” (Obviously not verbatim.) If that is the goal, then the show fails on its own terms. Given how terrible it is, I expect it to last three seasons.

After all, this is A&E (previously known as “Arts & Entertainment,” but now more commonly as “the addictions channel”) where it is deemed incumbent on corporate America to keep Dog the Bounty Hunter employed. Herc, I suppose, was somewhat funny. The racist “behaviorist” wasn’t especially funny. I won’t miss the character Philly who doesn’t appear in any subsequent episodes. Couldn’t they have cast Bodie in the role of “the smooth talking, drug dealing, black guy”? Sydnor not available to be the black guy in charge of the unit? (Obviously, Stringer has more pressing obligations, like the second season of “Luther.”)

Oh, the Bill Hader as Charlie Sheen on “SNL” was somewhat funny, but the show tanked soon after. The “How to be a Disney Kids Actor” was alright, I guess.


March 10, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. wow the bald guy is double impressive i felt like, that, physical impact on my eyes upon opening the webpage
    i continue to watch _archer_ and skipped it this wk so i’m going to watch it on sunday i guess, sometime i sleep midtime, so don’t know how they got out from a marsh in florida

    Comment by read | March 10, 2011

  2. I can’t decide if this week’s House was the worst ever or if they’re actually turning a corner with this season. The degree to which his friends believe that he can simply “turn off” a very serious drug addiction and never slip up or deal with it again — it astounds me. That actually made me angry throughout season 3, how much Wilson and Cuddy were treating him like shit when it was clear that this cop just had a personal vendetta and was out to ruin his life out of spite.

    In other news, it appears that The Waitress from Always Sunny has been typecast in Perfect Couples as an Always Sunny-style character — which provides a welcome break from the sentimentality, because even the sentimental reconciliation moments with her and her fiance are still pretty fucked up.

    This is a trend that really bothers me in current TV, actually: the attempt to combine the nihilistic cynicism of something like Always Sunny with occasional injections of cloying sentimentality in order to “make it okay.” I feel like Glee had arrived at a pretty toxic mixture by the time I stopped watching last year, but you see it constantly — Community has Jeff’s “touching moments” about the importance of the “group” (which is a fucking study group, dude, calm down), for instance.

    I think Modern Family hits the balance a little better, because their cynicism is more muted in the first place — and then on the other side, you have 30 Rock, where they never really take the “touching moments” seriously. But on shows that try to bring sheer nihilism directly together with sentiment, I feel like all the characters have a serious mental illness.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | March 10, 2011

  3. I’ve really been enjoying Glee this semi-season. I know what you mean about the mixture of cynicism and sentimentality becoming unwatchable, but for some reason the balance works better lately, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it. I actually laughed out loud a couple times during this week’s episode, although it might have been less because it was so funny and more because I needed relief from the unbearable awkwardness.

    Turning the Santana/Britney relationship into a serious, sentimental moment, instead of the snotty gag that it’s been up until now worked surprisingly well, even though it happened via that horrible, horrible Stevie Nicks song. Also, Emma’s faculty leadership of the Celibacy Club (“Celibacy is a viable choice for teens who aren’t ready for intimacy. And also for adults who are terrified of the hose monster”) was so very hilarious.

    Comment by jms | March 10, 2011

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