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Spoiler Alert Thursday

Yet again, a week with next to no tv. To the best of my recollection, only “NCIS” had a new episode and, notwithstanding the big reveal of Ziva’s boyfriend, not a whole lot of interest happened–except, of course, intimations that someone would leave the show by the end of the season. With respect to “Prison Break,” Aldo just died. Nearly halfway through the second season, we continue to enjoy the show. The machinations of the conspiracy, both in the President’s office and with the Company (who has all but disappeared for the past few episodes–I didn’t think the President was really “with” them anymore?), remain rather obscure; i.e., where did William Kim come from? How did Kellerman end up on the outside so quickly? On that note, what is with Kellerman and Sarah? He’s happy to kill anyone but her. Yet, he gleefully tortures her. Not like he’s ever going to “hit that.” She’s clearly a Scofield girl. It wasn’t until the start of the second season that I realized Sarah was “the wife” from “The Walking Dead.” Somehow she became even more anorexic for the zombie apocalypse. I can’t say that I’m sad that Veronica is dead. She struck me as the stupidest, intellectually speaking, lawyer in recent memory. And her mouth was always open in a really, really annoying way (c.f., Jennifer Finnigan). I hope that Sucre wasn’t in the plane or otherwise escapes the jets. While Veronica was possibly one of the worst characters in recent memory, T-Bag is the complete opposite: who the hell else, but T-Bag, thinks that molesting/raping a thirteen year old by a swimming pool at a shitty motel is a good idea when the entire country is after him? It was a bit let down when we didn’t actually see T-Bag cut off his own hand. It was building up through the entire scene that he’d either cut it off or pull so hard that it would pop off. Unfortunately, all we saw was him preparing to cut the stitches with this teeth. Cut scene. I like the idea that there are giant mansions all over the country that are empty except when being used by the forces of the Company or the counter-Company.


April 7, 2011 - Posted by | Spoiler Alert Thursdays


  1. actresses keeping their mouths open are really annoying, i used to dislike Demi Moore for that for example but my sister who likes to contradict me pointed out that she had a car accident leaving her perhaps disabled in some way
    the actress if you are talking about her in the prison break too look a bit facially distorted so maybe that’s just her way of breathing through her mouth

    Comment by read | April 8, 2011

  2. We started House of Cards, a BBC series from the early 90’s. It might have got good, but it was a bit too Masterpiece White Guy for Mrs. K-sky, so we turned it off and watched a Glee instead. I thought about starting it back up on my own but decided against on the basis of opportunity cost. I really need to catch up on current TV. For professional reasons.

    As for Glee, if they let go of the popularity motivation it would make the show about three times better. It’s a plausible motivation for a comic sketch, but it’s a terrible weight on the show. I may have bitched about this before.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | April 8, 2011

  3. i always mean to say that i enjoy _Everybody hates Chris_, when i happen to catch it when browse tv, his dad and mom are really cute and moving people there

    Comment by read | April 8, 2011

  4. I neglected to include the following: “How long before mom turns out to be alive?”

    Comment by Craig | April 8, 2011

  5. We’ll likely start season three tomorrow or Tuesday: only episodes 20-22 left of season two. A new element of the conspiracy! SONA! And a boat ride to Panama!

    I neglected to mention above that we also watched the first two episodes of “The Killing.” I guess we’ll finish out the season, but it wasn’t especially good. Wikipedia says it is an Americanization of a Danish show. The Danish show, in turn, must be a Danishization of the Canadian show, “Durham County.” The television show, like its namesake (almost! Durham County hasn’t existed since 1974!), is entirely forgettable. Ever been to Port Hope or Oshawa? Don’t bother.

    Comment by Craig | April 10, 2011

  6. SPOILER ALERT: The conspiracy turns out to be like four guys in an office.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 10, 2011

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