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Tuesday Hatred and the Sciences of Man

I hate that I have yet to receive my 1099-INT form from Citibank. I hate, too, that I cannot simply download a copy of the form using the meager online access I enjoy. [UPDATE: Previously I had called Citibank to complain about this and the guy I spoke to assured me that (a) they had been sent out in January and (b) they’d send me another. As none had arrived by the 15th, I called again and spoke to someone who offered to just give me the fucking info over the phone, who then, when he saw the fragliche info, informed that as the amount of interest I’d earned was so low they just didn’t report it, and that’s why I never received the form.]

I hate it when cafés which play music play the music way too fucking loud. This hatred does not diminish when the cafés take on, in crepusculo-vespertine hours, a somewhat different aspect (as does the one in which I am presently writing, which purports to become a wine bar).

I hate that my right leg is confined to a podiatric boot for the next month or so. I hate too that this means that, although I can remove it if necessary, I will likely not be able to get around by biking but must rather resort to using the automobile. On the other hand, I do not hate having a temporary permit for the use of handicapped parking spaces, which also entitles me to use metered spaces free of charge and to park on streets which give preference to residents and businesses.

I hate it when people who don’t know very much about the academic job market attempt to cheer me up. The fact that the people in question include several of my fellow graduate students is rather worrying.


April 19, 2011 - Posted by | Tuesday Hatred


  1. i hated to read _Ferdydurke_ on the plane, i expected it to be funny, was the boringest book since _Ada_ and didn’t like MadMen-IV, disk one, something is different, then i thought the cast is too good looking to have the feel of reality and they keep adding more good looking people, very Hollywood, and all the people and situations seem deteriorated since

    Comment by read | April 19, 2011

  2. I hate having spilled coffee on my computer, though the effects seem to be minimal.

    I hate that the rental agency in Kalamazoo has not followed through on their promise to refund my deposit immediately upon receiving my final rent payment.

    I hate that the bottom drawer of our dishwasher won’t stay open on its own and in fact seems to be in a huge hurry to close the second we take our hand off of it. Propping it open with cutting boards or baking sheets often, but not always, solves this problem, an inconsistency that is nearly, but not quite, hate-worthy.

    Comment by Adam Kotsko | April 19, 2011

  3. I hate when the cafe I frequent opts for Christian rock. I’m sure there is good music in this genre, but what’s playing in these instances is almost always instantly recognizable as crap. Of course, I’m sure some people think the Black Keys and Death Cab for Cutie one of the other baristas plays is awful, too.

    I hate “runner’s toe”. I also hate that having anything close to a regular running regimen apparently means I’ll have to buy running shoes once a year or more.

    Comment by Matt in Toledo | April 19, 2011

  4. I hate that, because I filed my taxes six weeks early (along with last year’s taxes ten and a half months late), I left out two 1099s that arrived the following week. I hate the feeling that this is going to trigger an audit. So far it’s triggered a request from the State of CA for three hundred bucks, which is probably OK.

    I hate that my writing partner and I have been working on this one pilot since last summer, have rewritten it substantially twice as well as about a dozen passes, and still haven’t found its beating heart.

    Comment by Josh K-sky | April 19, 2011

  5. I hate that I will never read in crepusculo-vespertine hours again for the first time.

    Comment by Standpipe Bridgeplate | April 19, 2011

  6. I hate that my throat hurts like all the time now. I probably should stop smoking so much. Read, give it to me straight, do I have throat cancer?

    Ben, I’m very sorry to hear about your foot.

    Comment by jms | April 19, 2011

  7. hi, jms, hopefully you don’t yet, but eventually you could totally develop it cz ge cancers develop usually on the basis of some chronic inflammation plus smoking, it really really will increase your risk, and hopefilly you don’t have any periodontitis which is the gums inflammation, that also leads to esophageal or gastric cancers they say, perhaps for all the epithelia from the mouth and down
    i too hate that bw’s foot continues to hurt him, i suspect that’s some strain related tendonitis/or even a small crack in the bone, toe? if the podiatric boot is supposed to cure it, i would suggest him to use the roseola extract which is believed to be helpful for the bone healing
    i these days feel some alternating muscle weakness/pain, but very vague yet, so suspect just coffee withdrawal on the non-coffee days, which i try to fix by upbeat music, and insomnia too
    i hate the not flexible small comments window that i can’t move freely to see what i wrote above

    Comment by read | April 20, 2011

  8. rhodiola rosea or altan gagnuur, not the roseola rash, how i write gah

    Comment by read | April 20, 2011

  9. read, while you talk about ‘healing with plants’, just wanted to say that to cure bruises and generally for bone healing another plant is generally known, that’s Comfrey (Symphytum officinale), also called ‘Knitbone’ – here in Europe they sell a creme for bruises based on Comfrey extract.
    [wikipedia says that one you name, Rhodiola, is meant to cure depression(?) – no intention to contradict you, as you are obviously an expert, am just asking)

    Comment by grrl | April 20, 2011

  10. a new herb for the bone healing, thanks, grrl!
    the use of altan gagnuur for the bone healing is our traditional medicine’s use, so the western medicine does not know about that use and it’s documented nowhere
    i would love to see whether that’s true

    Comment by read | April 20, 2011

  11. On the contrary, SB, you can always read it again for the first time, indexed to the particular again-ness in question.

    Comment by ben | April 20, 2011

  12. I hate lotion-bearing kleenex.

    Comment by ben | April 20, 2011

  13. experimentally, i meant
    and about being antidepressant, yes, rhodiola seems to be a stimulant with the mild MAO inhibitory effects, so it would need to take precautions as with regular MAOI i guess, avoiding red wine, cheese etc.

    Comment by read | April 21, 2011

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