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Wednesday Food: Broad Beans and Brooklyn Brewery

This week, in an effort to restructure my plate to reflect something of spring, I recreated a dish from Yotam Ottolenghi posted in this week’s The Guardian.  It’s a peak-of-season fava bean and herb salad fortified with pearl barley and goat cheese.  I couldn’t get my hands on any preserved lemon so I used zest and, to add a salty bite, sprinkled the salad with kale chips (if you haven’t made these yet get to the kitchen– baked acephala will change your scope of salty snacks.)

The fresh flavor begins with the brightness of the lemon, is mellowed but maintained by a bite of goat cheese, and then is survived by the lingering taste of mint and basil.  The addition of the pearl barley makes this substantial enough for lunch, and the texture of the grain– chewy, with an al dente solidity– reminds you that you didn’t just keel over in someone’s herb garden.  This salad also has striking visual appeal with a full verdant range from the milky green color of the favas, to the forest green kale.

To accompany such perky, light flavors a milder beer is essential.  Brooklyn Brewery makes one of the finest lagers stateside– some hop bitterness?– yes, but not intensely so.  I’d say it’s piney and floral enough to withstand the tartness of lemon in the salad, but balances gently and finishes with the crisp feel that can only be delivered by lager yeast.


April 27, 2011 - Posted by | Wednesday Food

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